How to Set Your Style with Framesi Styling Products

It’s no secret the Hairstyles Weekly blogging team has a crush on Framesi’s Color Lover products and Primer 11 – but what about the brand’s other lines?

Our bloggers put Framesi styling products to the test. Here’s what they thought.



Hair type/texture: Thin & baby fine.

Products tried: BY Framesi Pearl Mist Hairspray Light & I.Dentity X.Pand Volume Cream

What Framesi says:

BY Framesi Pearl Mist Hairspray Light is an effective fixative that also restructures the hair, thanks to the amino acids derived from pearls.
The evanescent silicones do not overload the hair, jojoba oil enhances brilliance and a sun screen and vitamin E combat premature aging.
This spray dries fast without leaving any residue.

I.Dentity X.Pand Volume Cream gives fine hair strength and vitality, thickness and staying power. With support that works from the roots to the ends, the hair gains volume and even the finest hair can dare to try airy solutions that stay in place all day long. Also ideal for fighting frizz, fly-away hair and overloading.

What Ashley thought:

BY Framesi Pearl Mist Hairspray Light – I’ve used many hairsprays in the past that are too thick. The strong formula in other hairsprays works perfectly for people with thick and strong hair. However, my fine hair simply can’t handle the strength of some strong hairsprays. The styles that I work SO hard to create can get destroyed in a matter of seconds if I use the wrong hairspray. BY Framesi Pearl Mist Hairspray Light is a lightweight formula that protects my style, adds shine, and gives my hair the perfect “newly styled” scent. When using this styling mist, I can guarantee that my hairstyle won’t be destroyed when I apply the spray (which is a huge relief). Every single woman and man with fine and thin hair should own this light hairspray!

I.Dentity X.Pand Volume Cream – Because I have incredibly fine and thin hair, I am constantly searching for products that will give my hair volume. I’ve used many products, however, that weigh my hair down because the formula is SO heavy. Or, other products will make my hair feel greasy and too oily. I’ve had to use a volumizing spray for many years because I’ve never found a cream to do the trick. But not anymore – the  I.Dentity X.Pand Volume Cream is the perfect hair thickening cream that has a medium hold. I apply this cream to my damp roots every morning and my hair keeps a volumzied style all day long! The cream also doubles as an anti-frizz agent, which I love and need – especially during the warm, summer months! I will absolutely be using this product as part of my daily hair care routine.


Hair type/texture: Curly hair all the way! My hair is fine, curly and thin in texture. It can be voluminous if I style it correctly with the right products.

Products tried: BY Framesi WIO Strait Balm

What Framesi says: BY Framesi WIO Strait Balm is a unique formulation with pearl protein and vitamins, which smoothes, softens and moisturizes the hair while adding incredible shine. WIO Strait Balm blocks humidity and smooths even the most rebellious hair types.

What Megan thought: BY Framesi WIO Strait Balm is a good straightening product. It’s really hard to find a product that makes my curly hair stay straight throughout the day, and WIO Strait Balm really helps.


Hair type/texture: Thick & wavy.

Products tried: BY Framesi Lava Mist Hairspray Strong

What Framesi says: Shine-enhancing silicones, vitamins, anti-free radicals, iron mineral salts, silicon and magnesium mineralize the hair during fixing, leaving it glossy and stronger. BY Framesi Lava Mist Hairspray Strong protects the hair from UV rays, prevents premature aging and is ideal with a straightening/curling iron.

What Chrissy thought: I’ve already gone through a bottle…so, yes I really, really like this hairspray. I’m an advocate for big hair. A lot of hairsprays promise me volume but end up making my hair ridiculously silky and flat – which isn’t the look I want. BY Framesi Lava Mist Hairspray Strong gave me mad volume right after I sprayed it as well as a light shine. Even better? The spray held my style for the entire night…and into the next morning.


Hair type/texture: Thin & wavy.

Products tried: I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Enhancer

What Framesi says: I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Enhancer is perfect for creating frizz-free waves and curls. Curls can be perfectly defined or opened up with your hands for freer volume. I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Enhancer is the ideal support for managing wavy or curly hair and shaping it simply and quickly. Drying the hair in the open air or with a heat diffuser are the best ways of keeping a naturally soft and flexible texture.

What Amanda thought: I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Enhancer really helps curl my hair, better than most other curl-enhancing products I’ve tried before. I have mildly wavy hair, but it still takes some work to get it curly. I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Enhancer gives my locks the extra boost they need to curl up like I’ve always wanted!

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