6 Hair Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now!

We hear hair myths every single day from our friends, parents, coworkers, and even complete strangers. Good ol’ hair urban legends.

But can you tell fact from fiction?

Recently, I wrote about the myth that your hair grows faster in the summer, which inspired me to investigate other hair myths that drive our behaviors and influence our hair actions (or inactions).

hair myth

So, before you brush your hair 100 times before bed or skip dying your hair while pregnant, read these six hair myths.

Myth #1 – You should wash your hair daily.

False. You shouldn’t wash your hair every single day. It’s actually recommended that you wash your hair every 2 to 3 days (or even longer if you and your hair can handle it). Your hair needs to develop its natural oils + skipping your wash days will give your scalp a much needed break.

How can you stay glamorous without having smelly, greasy hair?

Pick up some dry shampoo! Skeptical about trying dry shampoo? We’ve got you covered – check out these five commandments of dry shampoo.

Myth #2 – The healthiest way to lighten your hair color is getting exposure to sunlight.

beautiful hair

Wrong again. While this might have been true years and years ago, the chemicals that your stylist uses hair lightening products are very safe.

In fact, being outside can harm your beautiful locks by zapping out the natural oils and moisturize which can thin and dry your hair very quickly. So just like your skin – your hair (especially your scalp) can burn in the hot sun!

Check out these four ways to protect your scalp from the sun or check out these awesome products to help prevent / fight sun damage to your hair.

Myth #3 – Your hair “gets used to? your shampoo and conditioner – so you need to always switch up your brands and formulas!

Incorrect. Your personal trainer at the gym might tell you to switch up your workout to get better results, but that’s not something your stylist will encourage you to do on a regular basis!

In other words, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!? If you do find yourself experiencing build-up and residue, chat with your stylist about trying a clarifying shampoo once every few weeks to remove the extra build up. Keep using your favorite products that your stylist recommends for your hair. Remember, a good client listens and is open-minded!

Myth 4: You can’t dye your hair while pregnant.

Untrue. This is a personal favorite being that I am currently pregnant.

Don’t let anyone judge or steer you from coloring your hair while pregnant. You can color your hair while pregnant.

Only a small amount of color (if any) is absorbed into your system. So very little chemicals, if any, would get to your little one! If you’re still concerned, consider waiting until your second trimester when your developing baby is less vulnerable.

Just be sure to let your stylist know about your pregnancy and you can discuss if there are any concerns about how the color will turn out.

Myth 5: The natural texture of your hair will never change.

sleek hair with blunt bangs

False again. I hate to break it to you, but there are many circumstances where physical and psychological situations that can influence the texture, color, and overall appearance of your hair. Some medications can affect the strength of your hair roots, which could lead to hair loss, discoloration, or even curling of your hair. Stress, hormones, certain illnesses, and your age can also weaken the root, which can lead to hair loss and a thinner texture. Make sure you talk to both your doctor and stylist about any changes to your hair to ensure you are taking the right medications and hair products.

Myth #6: You need to brush your hair 100x each day for shiny hair.

You guessed it – this myth is busted as well! I remember growing up and hearing that in order to have beautiful, long hair – I would need to brush my hair 100 times before bed. As a kid, I would get so frustrated when I would lose count and have to start over. You too?

Either way, the myth was developed out of the idea that brushing your hair “stimulates circulation in the scalp and creates natural oils.

In reality, over-brushing can cause friction to your scalp where new hair follicles are growing. The friction can lead to hair damage and breakage. Step away from the brush and try to only use it for detangling and styling purposes.

Don’t just take my word for it – even our very own Hannah Shaner will tell you that overbrushing led to her damaged hair.

What hair myths have you been sharing, hearing, or living by? Let us know on Twitter or on Facebook.

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