The Hairstylist’s Guide to Branding Yourself Online


It’s obvious that we now live in the digital age, using the internet and electronics to take care of a majority of our needs. I spend almost 10 hours a day during my normal work week on the internet, trying to figure out the best ways that I can help positively promote the clients I work for. Not only have a learned a ton by immersing myself into this culture, but I have figured out ways that I can apply this on a personal level as a stylist.


The first thing to decide is what look you are going for and apply this online and offline (business cards). Then translate that to your online presence on the many social platforms that are available to us. Social media has the power to connect you with thousands of people and the last thing you want is to represent yourself negatively. Although there are many options, my favorites are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Hairstyles Weekly, and Facebook and here are some ways that you can use them to your advantage!  How cool are these business cards??

layered hair style
layered hair

Be Personal 

Reach out to your followers and engage them in conversation! If they say they like one of your posts or retweet something of yours, ask them why. Feedback is one of the most helpful things when it comes to building your brand so that you can see how you are succeeding and areas that could use some improvement.

Be Consistent 

One of the hardest things to do when you’re busy with every day happenings is keep up with your online presence. However, some of the most influential bloggers are ones that update regularly and give their readers something to look forward to. Even if you do it once a week, it is still consistent. Make a schedule for the month and plan what you’re going to post about ahead of time.

Be Private 

This applies to two different areas. When you are posting on your public profiles, make sure to think about who your audience is and what impression you want them to have of you. It’s OK to post some personal information but it should always be displayed in a positive manner, such as excitement for a vacation or news of an engagement.

The second area is if someone posts something negative on your page or in response to something you say. This one can be tough, but remember to keep your cool. Others will see how you respond. Publicly thank them for the feedback and ask if you can connect via email or phone to discuss privately. Figure out a way to contact them one on one, whether it be a phone call, direct message, or e-mail, and sort it out between the two of you.

Be Knowledgeable

dark to pink ombre hair
dark to pink ombre hair

Share tips, tricks, and inspiration on all of your social media platforms. If you want people to trust your judgment and skill, you have to prove yourself worthy of it. It is also helpful to post pictures of hair you have done so they can see your work firsthand. Include ways that they can achieve the look at home (if it’s a style) and the products they should use! Hairstyles Weekly provides a great opportunity for stylists to sell the products they suggest right to their clients, so this makes it easy and convenient for clients to support and connect with their stylists! 

Be Involved

If you have the ability to do so, donate your time and talents to local projects going on in your city! It’s a great opportunity to network and let people know that you want to contribute to your community. One local project in Indy that comes to mind is the fashion magazine Pattern, which is put together by local photographers, designers, stylists, fashion designers, etc. It’s a great way for artists to collaborate and expand the knowledge among hairstylists and other creatives in the community!

What ways do you like to brand yourself? Are there certain things that you have found work better than others?

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