Ombre Hair Ideas: Sexy Brown Ombre Hair

Brown Ombre Hair

Duo Colour and Edgy Waves – Back view of long brown omrbe hair

This exciting new look leads the way in contemporary urban hair fashion!  The innovative use of colour forms a trendy background for the very unusual mix of curls, curves and straight sections of hair.

The hair is a warm golden brown from the roots down to varying points along the length of the sections, creating a casual, asymmetric effect.  The bright golden blonde shades are beautifully blended and highlight the creative styling technique perfectly!

The hair is styled into large, ‘broken’ ringlets mixed with straight sections of hair to produce a contemporary windswept, asymmetrical and messy look.  This is a high fashion hair design which uses the surprising, but harmonised, colour change to highlight the creatively contrasted shapes and textures for a relaxed, ultra-modern and edgy hairstyle!

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