30 Chic A-line Bob Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try in 2024

straight a-line ombre bob cut

An A-line bob haircut is a chic and modern variation of the classic bob. The best A-line bob hairstyles have rounded curves, gentle angles and flowing lines making them a great way to show off silky-fine or medium hair types.  Inverted bob hairstyles are better suited to thick hair and are more geometric, asymmetrical and sharply angled to produce an edgy look. 

The defining feature of this haircut is that it’s shorter in the back and gradually becomes longer towards the front, creating a distinct “A” shape when viewed from the side. This angle can be subtle or more pronounced depending on personal preference. Because of its sloping nature, the A-line bob often doesn’t include layers (though they can be added for extra texture) and typically doesn’t have a stacked or wedge back, as this would disrupt the flow of the angle.

The latest A-line bob hairstyles are wonderfully stylish, romantic, seductive, glamorous, sophisticated and very alluring!  So take a look at these gorgeous bob hairstyles and choose your new look for spring/summer, today!

The Long A-line Bob

The Long A line Bob

This shoulder-length, deep black masterpiece exemplifies elegance in simplicity. Its sleek straight finish is accentuated by the artistry of the A-line, where the front gracefully overshadows the back in length. The beauty of this cut is its adaptability; depending on your natural hair texture, work alongside your stylist to decide on the precise shape. Those blessed with curls may find solace in softer contours and gentle graduation, while those with straight tresses might lean towards a pronounced, dramatic shift in length.

Classic A-line Bob Cut

classic a line bob cut

For the woman yearning for a touch of modernity and class, this maroon-hued A-line bob is the answer. Beyond its vibrant shade, the cut is designed with meticulous layers to infuse depth and texture. Its defining character is the progressive length, elongating at the front while receding at the back, sculpting the face with finesse. If you’re opting for this hue, remember to be gentle during your washes; to preserve the maroon’s vibrancy, lukewarm to cool water is recommended. Whether you wear it pin-straight or introduce gentle waves, this A-line bob is effortlessly chic and refreshingly low-maintenance.

Platinum Wavy A-line Cut

Platinum Wavy A line Cut

Dive into a realm of avant-garde with this platinum-touched A-line bob. The wavy rendition of the classic style is accentuated by the audacious platinum shade, melding seamlessly with the understated layers and intrinsic waves. This look is not just a hairstyle but a statement, ideal for the fearless woman who is unafraid to wear her boldness.

A-line Bob with Blunt Bangs

A line Bob with Blunt Bangs

Exuding an air of vintage glam and contemporary sophistication, this jet-black A-line bob is crowned with striking blunt bangs. Falling gracefully at the neck’s base, its sheen is amplified with a central parting. It’s a cut that personifies versatility – embodying the perfect synergy of the professional and the playful. To elevate its glossy finish, consider using a round brush and a touch of blow-drying cream, ensuring the hair dances with movement and radiates luster.

Short Choppy A-line Bob Cut

Short Choppy A line Bob Cut

A dynamic departure from traditional lengths, this A-line bob is uniquely shortened at the back. But beware, the abbreviated strands can sometimes take a wild turn. The trick? Harness the unkempt look, integrating waves and layers for an intentional messy chicness. This look is for the adventurous souls, ready to flaunt their spirited side with audacity.

Short Blunt A-line Bob Cut

Short Blunt A line Bob Cut

Drenched in gloss and precision, this straight-cut bob is making heads turn. The short, blunt edges impart an undeniably captivating charm that, when carried with unshakable confidence, transforms into a head-to-toe showstopper. This style is the epitome of less-is-more, asserting its dominance in the hair fashion scene.

Center Part A-line Bob

Center Part A line Bob

Effortlessly sophisticated, this dark-toned A-line bob spells out the business. With a pristine center part and a sleek finish, it projects an aura of assertiveness. Tailored specifically for the boardroom and high-powered office meetings, its timeless silhouette underscores that this style’s reign isn’t waning anytime soon.

Choppy A-line Bob Cut

choppy a line bob cut

Thick, wavy hair shouldn’t deter you from exploring shorter horizons. Consult with your stylist to judiciously thin out the bulk, ensuring the ends don’t balloon out. The resultant? A vivacious choppy bob that marries the simplicity of the A-line with gentle waves. Accentuated by its lustrous brunette shade, the interspersed layers and natural ripples harmoniously come together, making it a must-try for the fearless fashionista.

Edgy ragged-edge straight blonde A-line bob cut

Simple lines are the perfect to show off the beautiful all-over blonde of this model’s hair!  A center-parting allows the hair to drape over the outer edges of the face, emphasizing the attractive shape of an oval face.  But like all of the best A-line bob hairstyles for spring/summer, this cute blonde bob has its own new twist in the sharp, arrow-shaped textured tips breaking the symmetry with an edgy, serrated outline!

Bold bright-red A-line bob hairstyles for spring & summer

Hair color idea for this year: the bright red! We’re all going a lot more daring with our choice of hair colors this year and a smoothly styled A-line bob hairstyles has always been the perfect backdrop for creative hair color ideas.  So if your skin-tone is tanned, olive or darker, with warm undertones, this brilliant red hair color is just what you need to draw attention to the fabulous, precision-cut layering.

Sophisticated white-gold blonde A-line hairstyle for fine hair

For an effortlessly graceful and classy look, copy this beautifully blonde and curvy A-line bob.  Hairstyles for fine hair shouldn’t be too long, as the weight of the hair tends to make fine hair go flat.  However, this medium-length hairstyle allows you to show off the silky texture and movement in fine hair.  The styling is smooth and shiny, but there’s a ton of attractive texture from subtle dual-blonde highlights.  This length flatters most face shapes and can be tweaked by any stylist to be the perfect length for you!

Super-stylish A-line bob hairstyles with bangs & ‘bronde’ hair color ideas

‘Bronde’ is a new concept in hair color ideas – it’s not quite blonde and not quite brown! This precision-cut A-line bob for round/heart faces, has lots of exciting new features! The stacked back is accentuated with a medium brown tint, with a lovely rounded curve above in pinky-neutral-blonde.  And above that, the crown’s ‘roots’ are light neutral brown!  The clever placing of a lighter band of color here, emphasises the attractive ‘bump’ of volume and doubles the amount of light it reflects.  With full bangs (fringe) curved down at the sides and asymmetry between the side-lengths, this is a superb short haircuts’ award-winner for round, heart and oval faces!

Simple chic long A-line bob hairstyle on dark-brown hair

Of course, fancy hair color ideas aren’t to every woman’s taste and this attractive long bob hairstyle with a center-parting makes the perfect frame for an oval face.  It’s a versatile, popular hairstyle’ choice for spring/summer, creating a professional image for work, to which you can add glamor with trendy waves or an upstyle for ‘play-time’! Suitable for fine to medium hair, this bob hairstyle is angled down slightly to brush the shoulders, with shorter layers to soften the line.  Also suits round and heart faces, if you move the parting to the side.

Edgy messy & wavy A-line bob with ‘disconnected’ layers

For medium – to fine straight hair, this wind-swept A-line bob hairdo is a great way to get lots of extra volume and texture into your hair.  The basic cut is a blunt-cut A-line with one wave-line around the head a couple of inches above the ends.  And over that, edgy, longer layers with textured, tapering tips are cut to drape forwards in contrast to the backward movement of the gently sloping wavy bob.  Suits oval, round, heart and square faces and need I say that this is a very easy hairstyle to arrange in the mornings?

Simple long blonde A-line straight bob hairstyle with off-center parting

Natural-blonde hair is often finely textured and not as abundant as brunette hair, so choosing a style to show off your natural color, like this simple bob hairstyle is often the best choice.  The medium-length, A-line bob hairstyles’ option below is a popular hairstyle for spring/summer.  It’s suitable for a professional image, shows off the adorably silken texture of fine hair and you can add extra volume with a few random twists or waves.  Suits oval, round and heart faces.

60’s style medium-length A-line bob on neutral-blonde hair

Chic ash-blonde is the latest trend in blonde hair color ideas.  This medium-length, A-line bob haircut benefits from the natural volume of the model’s thick hair and the thickening effect of chemicals used to lighten hair.  Thick hair looks terrific in straight bob hairstyles and with the high-up ‘bump’ of volume around the crown, rather than half-way down the back,  this is a really authentic 60’s look!

Eye-catching gingerbread hair color on sleek short A-line bob

Hairstyles with a smooth finish and strong shape look great with an eye-catching color and this gentle, gingerbread shade looks fabulous! I love the rounded shape of these shorter A-line bob haircuts, which always remind me of perfectly round lollipops or toffee apples of my youth!  The sliced layers create a lovely, pointed texture with the top layers revealing a slightly darker shade underneath. These almost universally flattering, just-below-chin-length bob hairstyles are bang up-to-the minute hairstyles for spring/summer and definitely one of the most popular hairstyles for a trendy makeover!

Fab copper & blonde dual highlights for new hair color ideas on inverted bob

Hairstyles vary so much from back to front and side to side these days, that it’s getting hard to decide which are short haircuts and which are medium – long!  However, there’s no doubt that medium A-line hairstyles look fantastic this season and the new hair color ideas are gorgeous!  If your skin-tone isn’t the right shade for neutral blonde shades, who cares (!) when you can show off this rich, warm and sexy blonde, as worn by Ms. Scarlett!  Achieve this stunning blonde with dual highlights in honey-blonde and copper-blonde over a dark-blonde base!

Flattering blonde front streaks on simple straight bob hairstyles round, oval and heart faces

Warm up a pale complexion and add interesting texture and depth, with a warm brown base and face-flattering blonde highlights draped around the face.  This gentle A-line bob has blunt-cut ends helping to add volume to fine or medium hair types.  With a side-parting this style suits oval, heart and round faces as the length just brushes the shoulders to balance a wide face-shape. The medium-length makes this an easy hairstyle to manage, and its versatility means it’s one of the most popular hairstyles you can choose for spring/summer!

A-line Bob hairstyle for oval face shapes
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Party-perfect purple ombré on A-line inverted bob

Hairstyles can convey lots about you to the people around you and if you want to send a message about how creative and daring you are, this hairstyle is the way to do it!  Of course, if you want a party look when you are, well, partying but a less shocking hairstyle for work, just buy a purple to pink ombré A-line bob online!  China is churning them out like crazy!

Lovely A-line bob hairdo on fine brunette hair for oval, round, heart faces

If you compare the shimmering finish of this A-line bob hairstyle with the ‘comb-textured’ bob below, you can see that this model has silky, fine hair.  Although fine hair is often too thin to wear in very long hairstyles, this is the perfect ‘short’ haircut to combine length with a modern, voluminous shape. As well as being a lovely inverted bob hairstyles’ option for fine hair, this version has trendy side-to-side asymmetry, too!  Style the hair in a diagonal line across the face to minimize the forehead for round or heart faces.

Clever ‘comb-through’ texture on brunette to honey-blonde ombré inverted bob

Hairstyles with a similar shape can differ a lot in the finished look, depending on the hair-texture of the model.  This chic, A-line hairdo on medium textured hair has converse layers just above the ends, to make the hair hang in a natural curve.  The fabulous texture of vertical lines is achieved by spraying the hair with hair-spray and then carefully combing down to the tips, adding another attractive feature to this beautifully graduated ombré!

straight a-line ombre bob cut

Chic long bob hairstyles’ makeover on extra-long wavy blonde hair

Long, blonde and wavy hair styled to showcase the whole face is a classic look that has been very popular during the last few years for those young enough to suit the look.  However, to project the image of an ambitious, dedicated professional and be considered seriously for promotion, it’s best to switch from friendly beach-girl look and go for something more chic and mature.  The ‘after’ pic shows a trendy, up-to-date long A-line bob hairstyles’ idea that is smoothly styled, making you look well-organised and in control.  It also shows off the lovely shades of blonde in expertly applied dual-highlights that create fabulous texture and give a very polished image!

straight long a-line bob hairstyle for shoulder length hair
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Super-chic muted honey & copper-blonde highlighting on inverted bob short haircuts

If you’re looking for a sophisticated style to give you a completely new look, this short hairstyles’ idea is definitely one to consider.  And although many of the popular hairstyles for spring/summer feature ash-blonde and ash-brown shades, they do not suit all skin-tones.  For those of us who need a little extra warmth in our hair color ideas, there are some subtle new highlighting combinations to add flattering color and texture to A-line bob hairstyles.  This cute short haircut is one of the most simple and easy hairstyles to manage, yet it’s also incredibly sophisticated and can be worn flicked-up or styled smoothly.

short straight a-line bob hairstyle for women
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Casual beach waves on medium-blonde bob hairstyles and short haircuts

A-line bobs may have a similar basic shape, but within the genre of bob hairstyles there’s a tremendous amount of variety.  If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your beach-waves just yet, update your hair with this cute A-line shape and get rid of a few inches of split ends at the same time!  This is one of the easy hairstyles for those who are lucky enough to have some natural wave and it’s a very popular hairstyles’ option for a medium-bob on fine hair, too.  Having lighter highlights and a gentle, wavy-perm on fine hair is a great way to add ‘natural’ volume.  The center-parting is flattering to oval faces.

Classy smooth blonde precision-cut bob hairstyles for oval face shapes

Bob hairstyles: And if you want to vary your wavy bob, just blow-dry it to be smooth and perfect like the A-line hairstyle below!  This bob works best on medium – thick hair types and oval faces, because of the totally symmetrical center parting.  It’s the opposite of the ‘nose-ring and beach-waves’ look as far as ‘image’ is concerned and makes an excellent simple hairstyle to wear with a natural makeup style. The ombré moves from neutral dark-blonde, through medium-blonde, to finish with baby-blonde from eye-level to the tips.  And everything about this perfectly-executed short hairstyles’ shape, styling and colour suggests excellent taste and high-class!

brunette to blonde ombre A-line lob hairstyle

Gorgeous dual-highlighting with varied widths & hint of pink on dark-blonde bob hairstyles

Smooth inverted bob and A-line hairstyles make a great backdrop for some creative hair color ideas and the most popular hairstyles’ highlighting trend right now is vertical lines in differing widths with two colors.  Dual-highlights have been with us for a while now, but every year artistic colorists invent a new way to apply them!  I really like the clever color combination below, which blends dark-blonde and a neutral light blonde to make a fabulous texture on this straight, asymmetrical A-line bob.  And just for the heck of it, there’s the cutest hint of pink in the section that drapes across the face!

Sheer geometric style in extreme inverted bob on straightened black hair

This fabulous extreme inverted bob hairstyles’ pic shows just one of the ultra-stylish looks you can get on relaxed black hair. Thick hair is needed to achieve short haircuts with an extreme angle from a stacked-back down to the collar-bone at the front.  The back is gently rounded in the style of A-line bobs and the tips are carefully layered to ensure the hair falls in a natural curve at the ends.   Smoothly styled for a ‘polished’ finish, this chic bob hairstyle projects a well-groomed image suitable for work and play!  Suitable for round, oval and heart faces.

Elegant long bob hairstyles on black hair with subtle blue ombré for square faces

This sleek A-line bob is doing a great job adding plenty of high-fashion style to the model and covering the outer edges of a wide face shape.  Square or diamond faces often have a wide forehead and a strong jaw, which can be balanced out by bob hairstyles with sleek sides to avoid adding ‘width’.   You can add the illusion of more facial length with a hairstyle that extends a few inches below the chin.  And in this cute bob, the attractive indigo-blue ombré in the lower lengths also draws the eye downwards.  The off-center parting avoids drawing attention to the squareness of the face.  But a side-parting would be better and styling the hair to drape over the ‘corners’ of the forehead would also help bring the face shape nearer to the oval ideal, too.

Smart ultra-modern short haircuts with subtle rainbow highlighting

Here’s an award-winning hair color idea to enhance the precision-cut features of this short hairstyles’ version of the inverted bob.  Hairstyles like this show how to use the rainbow hair color trend in a very sophisticated way.  The highlights are dark ash-blonde with the merest hint of pink and blue-green shimmering in the light.  Thick black hair works well with this style as it has plenty of natural volume to hold the round shapes created by sliced layers.  Feathery tips cover the jawline to soften a strong jawline, if required.  With strong lines and a long diagonal fringe, this ultra-chic, chin-length bob hairstyles’ design is great for round, heart, long and square face shapes!

Best Face Shape for an A-line Bob:

The A-line bob is incredibly versatile and suits a variety of face shapes, with a few considerations:

  1. Oval Face: Often considered the most balanced face shape, an oval face can pull off a variety of hairstyles, including the A-line bob. The cut complements the face’s natural balance.
  2. Round Face: The longer front pieces of an A-line bob can help elongate a round face. Opting for a slightly longer bob can also create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.
  3. Heart-shaped Face: The longer front sections of the A-line bob can balance out the narrower chin of a heart-shaped face, especially when paired with side-swept bangs that draw attention away from a broader forehead.
  4. Square Face: Softening the angles of a square face can be achieved with a curvier A-line bob. Slight waves or curls can also help in adding some roundness to the face.

So – what do you think of the new short, medium and long A-line bob hairstyles and hair color ideas?  When I look at the huge variety of A-line bob hairstyles and the inspiring, new ash-colors and ‘bronde’ highlighting techniques, I can’t believe we wasted so many years wearing long, straight, false hair-extensions!  Short hairstyles always seem more lively and natural and can be tailored to flatter your face, skin-tone and body-shape perfectly, so why not boost your confidence with a gorgeous sexy bob and feel like a million dollars! Subscribe and get more hair ideas on hairstylesweekly.com!

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