15 Chic Feminine Short Curly Hair Styles for Women

Is short hair okay for curly hair?

Absolutely! Short hair can look stunning on curly-haired individuals. However, there are considerations:
Curl Type: If your curls are extremely tight, cutting them too short may make them appear much more voluminous, which is great if that’s the look you’re aiming for!
Maintenance: Short curly hair might require more frequent trims to maintain the shape but could be quicker to style daily.
Versatility: Short cuts offer fewer styling options compared to longer hair, but they also provide a unique and distinct look.

With the pixie totally on trend this season, those who have naturally curly hair will find that a short style is perfect for controlling thick hair.  And curly bobs are also very feminine and can be adjusted to fit with every new highlighting and styling trend!

Volume & Texture

Bobs are also an excellent choice for anyone with fine hair, because it’s easier to create extra volume and texture in a chin-length or short bob.  If your hair isn’t naturally curly, you can add waves very easily with heat styling tools, bendy rollers and simple pin-curls.

Styling is such a quick and easy process with short hair and all you need is some styling mousse and a scrunch blow-dry to achieve the tousled, casual looks that are currently in fashion.

Short Curly Cuts for Round Faces

Round faces can wear short, precision cuts with strong angles and asymmetrical styling.  To balance out your face shape, stick to longer bobs that end between the chin and the collar bone.  This will lead the eye down and create the illusion of a longer face.

And tightly-curled, thick hair looks amazing in a short pixie cut, finished off with a razor to achieve a sculpted shape.

Short Curly Cuts for Heart Faces

Interestingly, many Hollywood stars have heart-shaped faces, so that means you have a whole gallery of fashion conscious hair icons to inspire your new look each season.

Bobs are a flattering style for anyone with a heart-shaped face, because you can use the curls to create volume around the top of the head and distract attention from a slightly pointed chin.

Fine hair benefits from a short bob, because without the weight of hair pulling it down, you can achieve pretty curls that add lots of volume and the illusion of thicker hair.

Short Curly Cuts for Square Faces

Just as a round face can be balanced with geometric lines and strong angles, square faces can be softened with curls, curves and a round silhouette.  A curved fringe is a good way to soften a square forehead and with the volume concentrated around the upper face, you’ll have a very face-flattering and trendy look!

And the best type of curls to soften a square face are big, round and casually tousled to break up any straight lines.

So are you ready for a trendy, face-flattering short and curly look?

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