4 Simple Ways to Show Your Hairstylist You Care

Has anyone ever caught you off guard with an act of kindness?
Brought you a gift for no reason?
Mailed you a card just to say what a wonderful job you do?

Sharing kindness and saying “thank you” can be a lost art in today’s business world.

And often, the people we appreciate and value the most get overlooked! Think about your hairstylist…she works long hours, late nights, and weekends.

She listens to you. She inspires you to try new things. She educates you.

And she makes you feel like a million bucks once you leave the salon.

You have many reasons to be thankful for your hair stylist.

So, how can you show your hairstylist you care? Try one of these simple ways to spread your love and appreciation:

1. Surprise her with a gift for no reason.

Has someone ever bought you a gift for no reason?

No birthday or major holiday – just a gift to remind you that you’re special and important. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when someone goes out of their way to make you special, isn’t it?

If I am heading into a hair appointment during the morning or lunch hours, I will always text my stylist to see if she wants a coffee or sandwich.

It’s little, simple acts that mean so much!

When meeting my stylist in Indy for the first time, I brought in cake pops from Starbucks for her to enjoy. One of every flavor they had available. Just to let her know I appreciate her from Day 1.

If you’re a baker, bring in some baked goods! Kylie Walker, a hair stylist from Anderson, Indiana said, “I have many clients who bake food for me and brings in!”

Melanie Allen said she brings her stylist Starbucks before her appointments. My mother-in-law even brings her stylist a bottle of wine (to enjoy *after* her appointment, of course!).

Hmmm- I’m beginning to wonder if I am in wrong profession….kidding, but really, these simple gestures can truly make your stylist’s day- or week! And the best part? You don’t even have to spend money to make your hair stylist feel special?

Jenna Hart, a hairstylist from Decatur, Indiana, told me, “I have had clients send me a card in the mail…I love cards!”

Looking for gift inspiration? Check out these five gift ideas for your stylist.

2. Give your stylist a recommendation. 

Love your stylist? Support your stylist and tell everyone about her special talents.

Bobbi Shane, a hairstylist in Decatur, Indiana said, “I always appreciate when my clients love me so much that they recommend people to me!”

Send your friends and family members their way when they complement you on your new hair color or cut. Leave your stylist a glowing review (you can add a photo, too!). You can also post pictures of your new hairstyles and color to your social media sites and tag your stylist. She will appreciate the shout out and might even gain a few extra clients. And hey- it’s just another way for you to show off your new look!

3. Send her something special on her birthday or a holiday.

Remembering your hair stylist’s birthday will make them feel extra special!

Michele Frazier Broce, a hairstylist in Indianapolis, said she loves when clients surprise her with a birthday gift based on something she talked with her clients about in a previous appointment.

And don’t forget Christmas! Holly Jo from Marion, Indiana added, “My boyfriend’s grandma and I were just talking about this. She owned a salon for years. Hers was being remembered at Christmas. She still remembers (at 75) what her clients brought her for the holiday every year.”

4. Come back to the salon. 

While this might seem obvious, one of the best ways to show you care is to schedule regular appointments.

“I find that the best thing a client can do to remind me that they enjoy me working with them and the work that I do is by returning to me consistently,” said Ashley Mitchell, a hairstylist from Garrett, IN.

So, how do you show your hairstylist that you care? 

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