6 Tips for Healthy & Happy Spring Hair

Life can get busy – and unfortunately, one of the first things that tends to lose out to a packed calendar is hair upkeep. No matter your schedule, you’ve got to find the time to dedicate to your strands.

For hair that looks great from day to night, spring clean your hair care routine. Follow these tips for happy and healthy spring hair.

Combat humidity with conditioner

Spring is all about transitioning from dry winter weather to lots of warmth and sunshine. That’s the good news. The bad news is that springtime weather can also cause humidity, which wreaks havoc on all hair types. Fine, thick, straight or curly, the same is true. As the temperatures rise, you need to re-think your conditioning products.

During winter months, chances are you were using products that added moisture to your hair. It’s time to say goodbye to those heavy conditioners! The best spring hair care products are designed for normal hair instead. (Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Conditioner is one great example.) This conditioner will give your hair just enough moisture instead of too much. That will reduce the likelihood of your hair going frizzy.

Tame flyaways with hairspray.

Nothing is more annoying than flyaway hairs – especially when you’re trying to take outdoor photos. During spring and summer, the combination of wind and humidity can make flyaways even more problematic. Thankfully, hairspray can help you keep them at bay.

Once you’ve finished styling your hair for the day or night, grab a tissue. Fold it in half a few times and spray the tissue with lots of hairspray. (We like to use Biosilk Finishing Spray: Strong Hold for the best results.) Then take the tissue and carefully rub it over your flyaways before you leave the house. Another tip? Put a travel bottle of hairspray and a couple of tissues in your purse for a fast fix on the go!

Head to the salon for a trim

Dreaming about healthy spring hair? Then you’ll need to schedule an appointment with your hairstylist as soon as possible. Why? Winter weather is tough on your locks. You most likely need to have dead or dry ends cut off. Don’t worry – you don’t need to lose a ton of length to breathe new life into your hair. Just ask your stylist for a trim. It can help you say goodbye to split ends and leave you with beautiful, healthy hair.

Read product labels carefully to avoid frizz

You read food labels when you go grocery shopping, so why do so many of us forget to read the ingredients on our hair care products? If you’re sick and tired of dealing with frizz this spring, take a closer look at labels.

The best way to keep your hair healthy and frizz-free is to look for a gel or a mousse that contains either polymers or copolymers. These ingredients coat your hair, making it less likely to get frizzy. Another way to ditch pesky, frizzy locks is by adding an anti-frizz serum to your post-shower routine.

Lighten up your color

Sunny weather is the perfect excuse to lighten up…your hair color, that is! One way to embrace the sunshine is to ask your hairstylist for some highlights. Light brown or blonde can perfectly compliment your natural color. By going a couple of shades lighter, you can revamp your style and look springtime ready. You may want to stick to regular highlights, change your colour entirely, or try an ombre style. If you do decide to lighten up your color, keep your hair healthy with Biosilk Color Therapy Shampoo.

Make the most of spring hair accessories

What girl doesn’t love accessories? Have fun with your hair this season by getting creative with some springtime hair accessories. There are so many to choose from! Plus, they’re a quick and easy way to give your hair a boost of playfulness – and amp up your fun and flirty side. Accessories like a woven headband, clip-in flowers or bows and sparkly bobby pins can totally change up your hairstyle. The next time you’re running behind schedule, don’t stress – accessorize!

Healthy spring hair is possible. With a few simple changes and a bit of creativity, you can have the gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of. Try out these tips and you’ll have stunning hair all season long.

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