18 Simple Easy Short Pixie Cuts for Oval Faces

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Neat daily hairstyles pixie cut for black hair with short fringe

Short, dark and decisive is the vibe I get from this flattering daily hairstyles’ option, which flatters oval faces. On thick or strong hair, the layered pixie cut is a great choice from the many short hairstyles on offer. It can be razored to remove all of the bulk and sculpted into a sharp, well-defined and contemporary shape that’s a super-easy haircut to style.  This simple hairstyle is layered, so it’s also a great pixie cut for fine hair.  The ends are lightly textured and the sides are cut in long side-points to balance the short, swept-aside fringe, with a cute, ‘broken’ edge softening the line!

easy daily short pixie cut for women over 40

As you can see, colour is a big feature of these simple easy short pixie cuts for oval faces, so I hope you’ll find an exciting new colour twist to ramp-up your short hairstyles or realise that your naturally dark shade actually flatters you most!  Daily hairstyles with a pastel tint are popping up in lots of unexpected places these days, so why not give it a go!

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