choppy layered bob hair style for shoulder length hair medium color
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21 Adorable Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women

The bob may have made its first appearance in the 20’s with the high style Gatsby girl, but these choppy bobs are definitely from the 21st century! Waves, and Gorgeous Color, and Sexy Texture…oh my…there’s so many things to love about these layered looks. Read on for bob hair inspiration that will have you dialing a salon to make your next appointment.

Relaxed A-Line Bob with Golden Highlights

This golden goddess choppy bob shows us that not all A-Lines need to be smooth and perfect. With flirty layers and relaxed texture, this hairstyle is fun and flirty, and perfect for an easy, no fuss look.

Short choppy A-Line Bob Haircut with bangs

21 Adorable Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women

This is a great layered bob hairstyle for women over 30.

21 Adorable Choppy Bob Hairstyles for Women

Choppy Bob Hairstyle: Blingin’ Blonde Bob with Blunt Ends

This bob style is all about the gorgeous blonde streaks and blunt ends. A short haircut like this is perfect for creating a fuller look on fine hair. It can be worn straight and sleek, or you can achieve a “roughed up” texture by applying a texture creme and tousling with your fingers.

Choppy Ombre Chin Length Bob

Ombre hair color is as hot as ever, and perfect when paired with this chin length bob. The choppy layers accent the variations of color to create a hairstyle that is dynamic and versatile. No choppy bob is complete without movement and texture. To set off these fun layers try using a dab of wax or pomade to create piecey texture.

Glamorous Blonde Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Choppy bob cut for shoulder length hair: Go bold and blonde for a look that will be sure to turn heads. This shoulder grazing bob pops with a gorgeous buttercream color. The loose spirals add a touch of glam, putting this hairstyle on the top of our list for this season’s most stylish hairstyles.

Long Bob with Tortoiseshell Color

Choppy lob hairstyle: Go for the latest in modern hair color with “tortoiseshell color”. Top hairstylists are dubbing this nature inspired color as the new ombre with a blend of gorgeous tones that channel our favorite colors including chocolate, caramel, and chestnut for an overall look that’s yummy and irresistible.

sun kissed balayage choppy bob hairstyle for medium shoulder length hair


Smokey Brown with Long Natural Layers

This ash brown color is super flattering on warm skin tones. This inverted bob has blunt ends for creating fullness with a subtle layering to enhance natural texture. The side part is the perfect finish to this super stylish bob hairstyle.

Perfect Shoulder Length Bob with Sun Kissed Highlights

Short hairstyles 2018: This is the perfect hairstyle for someone who craves volume. The messy texture makes it the perfect wash and wear hairstyle, or you can get a wavier look with styling creme and a diffuser.

Stacked Copper Bob with Piecey Layers

This bob is all about the bold copper color and heavy layering. If you struggle with thick hair that is hard to manage, this may be the look for you. A haircut like this gives hair a great shape while removing the weight and excess hair for a style that has movement and texture.

Choppy Bob Hair ideas: Sexy Tousled Bob with Razored Ends

This is not your Grandma’s bob! If you want sexy, effortless style then go for a haircut like this. With razored ends, this bob throws prim and perfect to the wind, with a cut that’s organic and carefree. Make it pop with messy spirals for a style that’s totally modern.

Honey Blonde with Face Framing Layers

This is the go to versatile haircut for any face shape. The length makes it easy to throw in a pony tail, to wear smooth and chic, or get playful with the sexy beach waves featured below. Add this gorgeous honey blonde for a look that’s the whole package.

Dirty Blonde with a Flirty Flip

This layered bob is accented by a gorgeous balayage color that highlights the cut perfectly. Color is a great way to take a great haircut to the next level. Be sure to maintain your look with color protect shampoo and conditioner.

medium choppy wavy bob hairstyle for women

Adorable Chin Length Style

Go Gatsby with a chin length bob that makes cheekbones pop and accentuates a gorgeous jawline. This length can go blah, but the long razored layers and rich brunette color keep it modern. And the look is finished off of course with sexy care free waves.

side view of short choppy bob hairstyle for girls

Ashy and Sassy Style

What other way to take your bob to the next level than with a bold statement color like ombre ash blue? The cut is super edgy and is ideal for thick hair with its choppy layering and long bangs. The dark brown roots keep the look elegant and dimensional. If you love this short cut, find more latest new short haircuts here.

Exaggerated A-Line with Dip Dye Ends

Razored Bob with Shadowing at Root

Wavy Bob with Peek a Boo Blonde

Curly and Ombre Style

Chocolate Bob with Flirty Spirals

Beach Blonde with Choppy Layers




Shaggy Ombre Style

Beautiful Brown and Caramel Bob in a Sweet Spiral Style

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