25 Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyles 2017 – Inverted Bob Haircuts Ideas

Sassy means lively, bold, full of spirit and cheeky, so expect to see innovative, daring and edgy ways to cut, color and style your inverted bob. Today’s gallery of bobs includes disconnected layers, new blonde shades including white, neutral and ash-blonde gray colors, plus warmer colors like red, copper and muted orange on brunette bobs in a range of different lengths. If you haven’t tried a sassy look before, now’s a great time to switch your look to something bolder and get a trendy, confident image!

Back view of  Inverted Bob Hairstyles – Neck-hugging layers & shaggy tips

Messy Inverted Bob

Instead of a shaved line below a strongly stacked back, try this beautifully tapered shape for medium and thick hair.  Attractive volume at the crown curves into vertical, sliced layers with tapered ends for a slightly shaggy finish. The mix of curves and spiky tips continues in disconnected layers at the sides.

Side View of  Inverted Bob Hairstyles – Max-impact party balayage on wavy bob

Two-tone Inverted Bob

This eye-catching hairstyle is totally unique and a very intricate and beautiful piece of art!  Long hair is arranged in lovely, large waves along the sides ending in perfect ringlets, and beautifully highlighted in orange-gold-blonde!  The roots and front layers are tinted medium-brown, in this unforgettable, maximum-impact bob!

Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles – Slick copper-red under-cut

Layered Short Bob

Moving on to edgy, easy-care daily hairstyles we have this severe boy-cut that’s suitable for medium to thick hair.  The shaved back/sides and sliced top layers with sharply textured tips project a go-getting, energetic image and the gorgeous copper-red also commands attention.  Suits round faces perfectly!

Feminine softly curved medium-brown bob

Inverted Bob with Wispy Bangs

This trendy angled bob is the opposite of the boy-cut above and projects a softly feminine image.  It’s suitable for medium to thick hair with enough natural volume to create the lovely rounded volume at the back.  Lightly stacked layers create lively texture and fine bangs focus attention on the eyes in a smooth, well-groomed look.

Disconnected layers & bright white balayage

Black and Blonde Bob

This year’s hair color options for dark-blonde/mousey hair are incredibly creative!  This simple bob becomes edgier with long disconnected layers on one side.  And lightening mousey-brown hair to gleaming medium-golden blonde is a brilliant way to look more attractive.  With white balayage you can reflect lots of flattering light and focus on your eyes!

Hip shaggy bob with silvery-gray & faded beige-pink balayage

Highlighted Bob

Whip your lovely thick hair into an easy-care, shaggy bob that needs very little styling!  This inverted bob finishes at chin-level, making it a good length for almost all face shapes.  Silver-gray and faded-pink-beige balayage create a sassy, unconventional vibe and heavily textured spiky tips show you’re chic, but still ‘wild at heart’!

Neutral blonde over dark roots for fine hair

Curly Bob

Fine hair types sometimes lack enough density for an edgy stacked back bob, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sassy bob!  Tousled waves are the best way to add volume and a strong contrast between dark roots and light neutral blonde is another edgy way to make hair appear denser!

Romantic wispy bob with honey-blonde balayage

Blonde Inverted Waves

This is another inverted bob that’s given volume through tousled, wavy hair and blurred edges.  The angle down from the back is emphasized by trendy disconnected layers at the side and the silhouette has a soft, wispy look.  Rippled texture and lively movement are accentuated by blonde balayage in a flattering style for angular faces.

Circular styling line on asymmetrical bob

Inverted Bob for Brunette

This is a fun look for thick hair in an asymmetrical bob.  The hidden shorter side is styled away from the face and the fluid line continues around the head, so you have forward movement on the longer side!  Sliced layers with tapered tips accentuate this trendy look that suits long, oval, heart and round faces.

Smooth & steep inverted bob on fine hair

Black Bob

The exaggerated long line of this bob is a great way to make your face appear longer and slimmer.  Curling the ends under is the perfect way to add extra volume and shape to fine hair and a little blonde balayage draws attention to the shorter layers at the back of this highly fashionable look!

Chic high-fashion cut & color

Blonde Layered Bob

This bob has a beautifully tapered center-back, which drops dramatically down in a disconnected layer.  The curved volume at the back is echoed in the sides with blunt curved tips facing forwards.  Add in gray-blonde and a touch of golden balayage for a very chic style for oval, round and heart faces!

 Generous curves & sassy bangs for round & heart faces

Inverted Bob with Bangs

The warm medium-brown color of this bouffant bob complements the model’s skin-tone perfectly and the teased bouffant silhouette creates a smooth, elegant look.  Very straight, long bangs add a touch of edge, along with subtle balayage and lightly tousled sections for a casually trendy look!

Futurist severe choppy bob on thick black hair

Inverted Bob with Short Bangs

Choppy bobs seem futuristic because of similar ‘anti-pretty’ styles worn by Milla Jovovich in her sci-fi movies!  There’s a sort of trashed doll/rogue android vibe to these short, precise styles that’s incredibly urban-chic in style!  With short straight-across bangs and strong lines, this ultra-stylish style suits round and long faces.

Sleek styling for straight hair with contrasting balayage

Inverted Bob with Highlights

If you have naturally straight hair and a long or heart face, this sleek bob has diagonal bangs to minimize the forehead and divide a long face.  It avoids added height on top and keeps the curved back volume sleek for an easy-care, streamlined bob with cute neutral blonde highlights.

Easy-care natural look with trendy layers

Sleek Waves

This lovely rounded bob tapered beautifully into the neck, is a fashionable look you can wear for any occasion.  It’s an easy-style haircut for medium and thick hair, with edgy disconnected layers on either side of the chin.  Notice that the line actually goes up between the lively disconnected layers for extra style impact!

Beautiful black & copper balayage

Ombre Inverted Bob

This stunning balayage on thick hair contrasts black roots with a carefully graduated ombre moving through muted copper to dark copper at the tips.  Forward styling creates attractive texture and forward movement and a nicely tapered shape in the profile view!

Really red ombre on medium-length black hair

Brown and Red Bob

There is something truly sassy about wearing rainbow colors on your hair, as it confuses the new people you meet!  This lightly inverted bob uses the natural volume of thick, coarse hair to create volume around the nape and chin, which suits heart faces by adding width to a narrow chin.

Sharp black bob for coarse hair & round/heart faces

Black Inverted Bob

I love this strong, chic look which shows that women in glasses are at least as attractive as those who don’t!  Thick straight hair is cut with an off-centre or side parting, with a little extra height on top and razor-cut tapered sides ending at the chin for a flattering style for round faces.

Twisty & spiky texture for medium/fine hair

Mahogany Bob

I love the multi-tone and multi-texture effect of this young, lively style!  The chin-length bob suits lots of different faces and side volume flatters thin/heart face shapes in particular.  This radical permed hairstyle, with loose wavy movement on selected sections and long, textured tips ‘bent’ at 45º, has lots of edgy volume!

Copper & neutral-brown shadow-effect dual hair color

Sunny-kissed Inverted Bob

Is this a neutral-brown ombré on a naturally copper base – or a two-tone hair color idea?  I don’t know!  But it’s an amazing new look using brown to accentuate the angled bob with an optical illusion shadow-effect.  This very fashionable sliced layer haircut suits thick hair with natural volume.

Bold copper-red bob with single-point back

Sassy Red Bob

Here’s a simple bob cut that has enormous style and color impact!  It’s suitable for thick hair and is a super-trendy hairstyle and a long-time classic cut at the same time!  This bold red version has a cute single point at the nape emphasizing a slender neck and is an easy-care daily hairstyle that always looks special!

Retro 80’s vertical balayage in contemporary orange shade

Blonde Bob with Black Highlights

This classic bob for round faces is the perfect background for some nifty hair color ideas.  The striped vertical highlighting is vintage – but the muted orange-blonde shade is totally up-to-the-minute for brunette hair!  Varied width lines of color break the uniform pattern for a contemporary finish.

So there you have it, an inspiring selection of sassy and edgy inverted bobs along with the latest balayage colors and patterns to keep your image sharp, sexy and trendy – just the way you like it!

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