40 Best Pixie Cuts & Hairstyles for Women 2024

longer length pixie with Flipped Bangs

When it comes to hairstyles that offer versatility, ease, and a touch of rebellious spirit, nothing beats the iconic pixie cut. This short haircut has evolved over the decades, from a classic Audrey Hepburn-inspired look to an edgy, modern style that celebrities and influencers can’t get enough of. Whether you have fine or thick hair, desire a platinum blonde or a rich brunette, there’s a pixie cut that’s perfect for you. If you’re contemplating taking the plunge into shorter hair, or perhaps you’re just looking to update your existing pixie cut, we’ve curated an inspiring list of some of the trendiest and most unique pixie styles out there. Trust us, after reading this, you’ll understand why the pixie cut has remained a timeless classic in the beauty world.

1. Piecey Pixie

Piecey Pixie

Picture a short blonde mane that’s deliberately tousled to exude that “I woke up like this” chicness. If you’ve got thick hair, this is a dream style to keep you looking effortlessly cool. Hairstylist Townsend says, “This messy, piecey pixie is perfect for those with thick hair—it has that lived-in vibe that’s incredibly fetching.”

2. Platinum Pixie

Picture this: a striking young woman stepping out in style, complete with a platinum piecey pixie cut that captures the essence of modern fashion. Add in some cool shades and a sleek black blazer, and you’ve got an iconic look that screams confidence and poise. Hairstylist-extraordinaire François says, “The platinum elevates the entire look, making it absolutely unforgettable.”

3. Ear-Length Pixie

Ear Length Pixie

If you’re a fan of a slightly longer, more lived-in pixie, then this ear-length pixie style might just be for you. Ideal for thick hair, this version comes with elegant side-swept bangs. And let’s not forget the unexpected touch of grey, which plays beautifully against flower tattoos gracing her arm. “The grey hue and flower tattoos create a stunning juxtaposition,” says Townsend, a well-known hairstylist.

4. Grown-Out Pixie

Grown Out Pixie

Who ever said pixies need to be super short? This look defies the traditional boundaries with a longer, grown-out style that cascades down to the nape of the neck. Coupled with balayage coloring and curtain bangs, this hairstyle is a killer combo that proves pixies can be as versatile as you make them. This short cut is best for women over 30.

5. Layered Pixie Cut

Layered Pixie Cut

For those reluctant to lose too much length, this layered pixie offers the best of both worlds. The blonde hue gives off a sun-kissed glow while the grown-out layers provide plenty of styling options. “It’s a commitment-free way to join the pixie trend,” says Velasquez, a top-notch hairstylist. “The layers offer a versatile look that doesn’t feel too drastic.”

6. Soft Curls on the Top

Soft Curls on the Top

Adding a touch of romantic whimsy to the edgy pixie, this style features soft curls coiled gently on top. A generous dollop of pomade ensures the curls hold their shape. As hairstylist François puts it, “The time you’ll spend getting those curls just right is definitely worth it for this show-stopping style.”

7. Wet Look Pixie Cut

Wet Look Pixie Cut

Remember when Bridgerton’s Charithra Chandran graced us with a pixie cut, even if it was just a wig for one fabulous evening? The wet-look styling gave off such a modern, sleek vibe that we can’t help but think she should consider making it her permanent look. One thing’s for sure: wig or not, she slayed that style.

8. Black Curly Pixie Cut

curly pixie cut

Imagine lounging by the pool, stylish sunglasses shading your eyes, and gold earrings sparkling in the sunlight—all while rocking a curly black pixie cut. This hairstyle is the epitome of poolside chic for black women who want to embrace their natural curls. “The curly texture and those stylish sunglasses? An unbeatable combo,” says François, the celebrity hairstylist.

9. Curly Glossy Texture

Jodie Turner Smith curly pixie cut

Jodie Turner-Smith certainly knows how to make a statement, and her curly pixie cut is no exception. It’s glossy, it’s bouncy, and it’s proof that pixie cuts look stunning on black women with curly hair. As François puts it, “The glossiness of her curls adds that extra layer of wow to an already sensational cut.”

10. Spiky Pixie Cut

Spiky Pixie Cut

Why settle for an ordinary pixie when you can go for the gold with a spiky version? This short, blonde, and audaciously spiky pixie cut screams high-fashion and individuality. Hairstylist Velasquez says, “It’s a daring look that demands attention. And guess what? It gets it.”

11. Midi Pixie Cut

Midi Pixie Cut

It’s time to cut your shoulder length hair shorter this year! Don’t want to go too short? Opt for the midi pixie cut, which features longer layers and charming side-swept bangs. It’s a more nuanced take on the classic pixie and offers a multitude of styling options. “The longer length and layers give you the freedom to play,” says Townsend. You can find more pixie cut with bangs here.

12. Flipped Bangs

longer length pixie with Flipped Bangs

If you’re looking to add some drama to your pixie cut, consider going for flipped bangs. The softly-flipped bangs at the front are not just stylish but also add a certain flair to the whole look. Wiig is a celeb who’s aced this style, and you can too. It’s a small twist that makes a big difference, giving your face a fun frame.

13. Blonde Messy pixie

Julia Maries blonde messy pixie

Julia Marie nailed the pixie look with her blonde messy cut, and the details matter here. You’ll find subtle flicks just behind her ears that bring a kind of delicacy and charm to the overall style. This is an ideal cut for someone who wants to keep things cute and edgy at the same time.

14. Mullet Pixie

mullet pixie

This one’s for those who want to go all out. Combining the mullet and the pixie results in a cut that’s rebellious yet absolutely modern. Sleek bangs pair with the blonde shade to complete this badass look. This style says you’re not afraid to stand out and make a statement.

15. Short, Choppy Layers

Short Choppy Layers

You want layers? You got ’em. When it comes to this chic crop cut, it’s all about the choppy layers. They add depth and character to your pixie, allowing for a style that’s effortlessly chic. If you want a hairstyle that’s both sassy and classy, you can’t go wrong here.

16. Combed Back pixie cut

combed back pixie cut

A combed-back pixie is the epitome of elegance, especially when done on grey hair. The side parting adds a sophisticated touch, while the big silver earrings just scream “style maven.” It’s an ensemble that pairs well with any wardrobe, and it’s perfect for the person who wants to look chic without trying too hard.

17. Platinum Messy Pointed Pixie

Micah Giannelis platinum pointed pixie cut

Inspired by Micah Gianneli, this platinum pixie takes things to the next level. Its feathery texture and traditional pointed shape blend to create a modern style that’s downright striking. The platinum color just adds to its flair, making sure you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go.

18. Soft Pixie cut

soft pixie cut 1
by alyssa

If you’re looking for something that feels as breezy as it looks, check out the soft pixie cut. It’s far from the sharp, point-cut styles you might be familiar with. The softness of the cut makes it airy and lightweight, a great example being Alyssa In The City’s rendition. It’s the kind of haircut that whispers rather than shouts, but it’s no less striking. Find more soft wavy pixie cuts here.

19. Brushed-Back Look

Brushed Back pixie cut

When you’re dealing with growing-out hair, sweeping it straight back can give you a brushed-back look that’s both modern and stylish. Add in some lowlights, and you’ve got a whole new dimension of depth and texture to your mane. Trust me, this styling trick keeps things from becoming a monotonous grow-out phase.

20. Pixie cut with Baby Bangs

Pixie cut with Baby Bangs

Nothing takes up mental real estate like a show-stopping haircut. Take a pixie cut, add baby bangs, and you’ve got a style that’s destined to be pinned on everyone’s inspo boards. With blonde hair and an ultra-short length, this combo screams fashion-forward.

21. Flicked Back Hair

Flicked Back Hair

If you’re going for something with an architectural edge, a flicked-back style could be your calling. A little slick paste through your bangs can provide that edgy, architectural look that turns heads. It’s like sculpting, but for your hair.

22. Two Tone Pixie Cut

Two Tone Pixie Cut

Two-tone isn’t just for cars and nails; it can be a captivating hair choice as well. Imagine a classic pixie silhouette, but the top is a sun-kissed blonde while the roots are a striking black. It’s contrast at its best, and it brings out the texture and layers of the cut in a dramatic way.

23. The Classic Pixie cut with Bangs

The Classic Pixie cut with Bangs

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic, and this pixie cut with side-swept bangs is as timeless as they come. The blonde hue brings out a sunny disposition, and the bangs add that little oomph of style. You can never go wrong with a classic.

24. Pixie Bob – The Bixie Cut


What do you get when you merge a pixie cut and a bob? The ever-stylish Bixie Cut, of course. This cut features long, sweeping bangs that elegantly frame the face while keeping the rest of the hair short. The brunette color adds a touch of classic charm to this hybrid style. It’s like the best of both worlds, wrapped up in one sleek package.

25. Side-swept pixie cut

pixie hair for fine hair
by fryzurque

Are you over 30 and have fine or thin hair? The side-swept pixie could be your go-to style. This brunette cut has been in vogue for a reason: it’s incredibly flattering and adds volume where you need it most. With its cute and understated look, you’ll be fielding compliments left and right.

26. Messy Mixie

messy mullet pixie

For those with thicker hair who enjoy a more untamed look, the Messy Mixie combines the pixie cut with elements of a mullet. The longer strands at the back pay homage to the iconic mullet, while the choppy, messy texture adds modern flair. As one hairstylist put it, “It’s not just a cut; it’s an attitude.”

27. Side Shaved

side shaved pixie

Turn heads with this audacious blonde pixie that features a shaved side and long, flowing bangs. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it screams confidence. If you’re looking to make a splash, this is the style for you.

28. Straight Pixie Crop

Straight Pixie Cut

Fans of Tilda Swinton will recognize this one. It’s a short, black, straight crop that leans into androgyny. While the cut might be simple, the look it gives off is anything but. It’s a boyish style that packs a feminine punch.

29. Grown-Out Bangs

pixie cut with long Grown Out Bangs

Play around with color and length with this longer pixie that features grown-out bangs. The hues of cool grey mixed with pops of purple add an ethereal quality to the look. It’s as if a pixie cut and a unicorn had a magical hair baby. You can find more trendy hair color ideas here.

30. Edgy Fringe

pixie cut with Edgy Fringe for thick hair

Rock that edgy style with a pixie cut designed for thick hair. The standout feature here is the fringe that dramatically sweeps across the forehead. To pump up the volume and drama, try blow-drying your bangs forward. This adds depth and texture, ensuring that your rocker-chic vibes are front and center. This short pixie cut is perfect for oval face shapes.

31. Under Cut Pixie

Under Cut Pixie

This bold pixie cut doesn’t just stop at the color contrast between the long blonde hair on top and the short strands at the bottom. The cut also features an undercut, which really accentuates the side parting. It’s a bold move for the fearless fashionista, setting you apart in any crowd.

32. The Grey Hair

ash grey pixie cut for women over 60

Don’t let age dictate your style; let it elevate it instead! This classic pixie cut is tailored for women over 50 with fine, thin hair. The grey color brings a sense of grace and sophistication, while the timeless bangs keep you looking effortlessly chic.

33. Naturally curly pixie cut

naturally curly pixie cut

Celebrate natural beauty with this pixie cut that’s perfect for black women with curly hair. The short, romantic curls that cascade forward add a feminine touch to this bold cut. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement that curly and short can coexist in fabulous harmony.

34. Mussy Korean pixie cut

mussy pixie
by: Marielle Capinianes from Pexels

For a dash of K-pop flair, consider a stylish Korean pixie cut. This hairstyle features soft, curly black hair with a side part to accentuate your hair’s natural volume and bounce. Layering is key here, providing the perfect foundation for those soft curls. To maintain the curl structure and keep your hair looking fresh, don’t forget to apply some hair mousse and use a diffuser when drying. It’s a chic look that captures both elegance and youthful spontaneity.

35. Messy Wavy Pixie Cut

messy wavy pixie cut

Whether you’re growing out your pixie or just love the extra length in your bangs, this wavy take on the classic cut offers a soft and romantic vibe. The long, wavy bangs breathe life into the look, perfect for those who prefer their style a bit undone but still utterly captivating.

36. Short Black Cropped pixie cut

cropped pixie
by: aiyanaalewis

Sensuality and style go hand-in-hand with this cropped pixie cut. Designed for black women who are confident in their own skin, this look complements their natural curly texture. This cut is not just a hairstyle; it’s an expression of bold femininity, emphasized by the wearer’s choice of golden earrings and bikini swimwear. It’s as sexy as it is sophisticated, highlighting the natural texture in a short, manageable style.

37. Tousled Blonde pixie

toulsed blonde pixie
by: tiffanyhaddish

Imagine stepping out in this tousled blonde pixie cut with long side-swept bangs. It’s an ideal style for those with shorter hair who still want a bit of drama. Accented by large stylish earrings, an Apple Watch, and a bold blue jacket, this look screams “fashion-forward.” Don’t forget those long, stylish nails and bold makeup—every element contributes to this show-stopping ensemble.

38. Super Short Pixie Cut

very short pixie cut

For those who love low maintenance but want high style, this very short pixie cut is the ultimate choice. The blonde hue radiates energy while the mega-short length is incredibly easy to manage. Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan says, “It’s an iconic cut that transcends time. Plus, the shorter you go, the easier it is to style!”

39. Short pixie cut with full bangs

short pixie cut with full bangs

Having a longer face shape doesn’t mean you can’t rock a full bang with your pixie cut. In fact, a forehead-covering fringe can balance your facial features beautifully. Add textured tips to your bangs and consider some subtle highlights for added dimension. It’s a modern twist on the classic pixie, offering a unique style while keeping the cut flattering and versatile.

40. Pixie Cut with Accessories

Pixie Haircut with Clips

Who says short hair can’t be accessorized? Jazz up your pixie cut with some playful or elegant hair clips, depending on your mood or the occasion. For an ultra-feminine vibe, go for colorful or floral clips. If you’re attending a more formal event, slim gold clips can instantly elevate your look, making your pixie hairstyle not just cute but downright sophisticated.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is a pixie cut good for elder ladies?

Yes, a pixie cut can be very flattering for older women. It’s a versatile style that can be tailored to suit individual facial features and hair texture. Plus, it adds a youthful flair and is generally easy to maintain.

Do pixie cuts make you look older or younger?

Generally, pixie cuts are known for creating a youthful, lively appearance. However, the final look can depend on various factors like the specific style of the pixie cut and how well it complements your facial features and skin tone.

What is the easiest pixie cut to maintain?

The classic, straight-across pixie cut is generally the easiest to maintain. Its simplicity makes it quick to style, and regular trims are the main upkeep required.

What face shape is best for a pixie cut?

Pixie cuts are often said to be most flattering on oval-shaped faces, but the truth is, with the right variation, they can suit almost any face shape. Square or round faces can benefit from pixie cuts with added height or asymmetrical designs, while heart-shaped faces might look great with a side-swept bang. Consult with a hairstylist for the most personalized advice.

The pixie cut is more than just a hairstyle; it’s a fashion statement that empowers you to express your personality and style. From soft, Korean-inspired curls to bold, undercut variations, the pixie cut knows no bounds. Whether you’re 20 or 60, have thick or fine hair, love to accessorize or keep things simple, there’s a pixie cut that can be tailored just for you. So, if you’ve ever considered getting a pixie cut, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge. Visit your local salon, show your stylist some of your favorite looks from our list, and prepare to reinvent your style with a brand new pixie cut.

No matter what you choose, one thing’s for sure: the pixie cut is here to stay, continuing to enchant us with its endless versatility and effortlessly chic vibes. And remember, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date and diverse pixie cut inspiration, you know where to find it. We’re committed to keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to showcasing the trendiest pixie cuts, so be sure to check back often for the latest styles.

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