11 Really Cute Short Hairstyles from RINSE SALON

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!

Who doesn’t want 365 ‘good hair’ days? And one of the easiest ways to achieve ‘hair heaven’ is to choose a fashionable short cut! Short haircuts are not only easier to wash and wear, they are at the forefront of hair fashion trends. And today’s selection showcases the very latest cuts and hair color designs to inspire you to be even more beautiful!

1. Layered copper short cut bob

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
hair color ideas for bob cut: the copper balayage

At first glance this attractive, casual look appears to be the same shade all over. But actually it has subtle balayage in lighter copper, which mimics the way light reflects off healthy hair. This adds the illusion of thicker hair and enhances the rich color, texture and movement in this gorgeous, asymmetric bob! Check out the best hair color ideas for short cuts.

2. Clean lines on classic straight short cut blonde bob

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
straight bob cut for short hair

This classic, pale golden blonde A-line bob is another hairstyle that’s rarely out of fashion. It’s a great look for medium to thick hair and showcases healthy, straight hair in a glorious color. Instead of long dark roots, this short cut has cute golden tones on top. And the gradual ombré down to carefully graduated tips is a joy to behold!

3. Chic choppy bob in neutral blonde balayage

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
cute bob haircut

A simple, centre-part bob hairstyle is perfect for showing off a smooth complexion and an oval face shape. This model has blue eyes, which the clever colorist has highlighted with a neutral blonde hair color, and cool white balayage. The A-line bob has a wave that softens and frames the face. And lightly flipped-out tips add volume and trendy style at the ends!

4. Blonde & pink makeover – long to short cut bob

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
shoulder length pink wavy bob cut

This delightful long to short cut makeover shows how a good hairstyle can become a more flattering look! Adding lighter blonde shades and waves that frame the face, highlights the model’s pretty, blue eyes. And instead of drawing the eye down to the upper chest, the new short hairstyle softens the line and flatters the whole face!

5. Beige-blonde two-tone wavy bob hairstyle

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
shoulder length bob hair style

Choppy, edgy tips are softened by gentle, defined waves that add movement to straight hair. And golden-beige balayage frames and flatters the face, whilst the sides and back are tinted in a neutral beige tone. The soft balance of colors is maintained in complementary, light-brown roots in this gorgeous, easy-care bob cut!

6. Cool ash-blonde short same-length bob

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
modern edgy bob cut

If your natural hair color is fair or blonde, you can get a high impact short cut that’s simple but stunning! The color design of vertical white-blonde balayage and a horizontal band of slightly darker ash-blonde, create a fantastic optical illusion. So the model’s choppy-tipped, fine hair appears thicker and almost wavy!

7. Simple brunette bob with subtle balayage

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
daily short haircut

Simple short cuts are perfect for drawing attention to your best facial features. And they give a natural beauty vibe that’s very appealing. This centre-part short hairstyle frames an oval face beautifully, with gentle waves softening the line. This contrasts nicely with choppy, uneven tips in an edgy, natural look with ultra-fine blonde balayage!

8. White-blonde short A-line bob & twisty waves

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
layered blonde bob cut

There are three main colors in this beautifully blended slanted short bob, but lots of varied tones. The colorist has brought together light brown roots, ash-blonde at the back, white tips and golden blonde balayage to add 3-D depth to fine hair. The defined, twisty waves add plenty of volume and lightly flipped-out tips create jaunty, youthful movement in this fabulous short cut!

9. Bubble-curl brunette pixie cut

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
short soft curly bob hair style

If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, you can get this beautiful, bubble-cut pixie! The bubble-perm was a popular look for women in the 1950’s. So this is a trendy, vintage style that’s both feminine and easy-to-style! And if you have fine, straight hair ask your stylist for a perm. Everyone can enjoy the luxury of cute, short curls that can be styled in a jiffy!

10. Fine gold-blonde balayage on medium brunette bob

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
black bob cut with highlights

Black and coffee-brown hair colors are the first to start showing gray strands. So although you may not want to be a ‘blonde’, you can cover early gray by adding fine balayage highlights. And you can soften the cool gray color with pale golden highlights. And as you can see, this adds lots of interesting texture and movement to an easy-care, medium bob! Here are more bob hairstyles for you to choose from.

11. Long straight pixie cut in mid-blonde with bangs

11 Short Cuts to Hair Heaven!
chic short Cut

If you are wearing an artistic floral tattoo, you may find that a simple, short haircut complements your overall look. This long, pixie cut is a ‘gamine’ haircut, which originally copied the unkempt look of ‘street’ urchins. The stylist has emphasised the edgy vibe with long bangs ‘flopping’ over the eyes and sides casually pushed behind the ears.

Whatever your fashion style, there’s a cute, short haircut and color makeover to save you time and freshen up your new season look!


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