20 Everyday Ponytail Hairstyles – Simple Easy Ponytails 2021

Ponytails are a great idea on days where you simply don’t feel like dealing with your mane; but if you’re getting tired of the same old same old when it comes to ponytails, try on one of these unique everyday ponytail hairstyles for size! Twisted Back Pony with Voluminous Curls Really giving your ponytail some […]

Ponytails are a great idea on days where you simply don’t feel like dealing with your mane; but if you’re getting tired of the same old same old when it comes to ponytails, try on one of these unique everyday ponytail hairstyles for size!

Twisted Back Pony with Voluminous Curls


Really giving your ponytail some ‘oomph’ with voluminous curls and a twisted back design can take your ponytail from humdrum and boring to absolutely FABULOUS! The best part about this style is you can dress it up for a fancy event or dress it down for school.

Intensely Volumized High Ponytail


This look screams ‘LOOK AT ME’ and we absolutely LOVE IT. If you’re in the mood for some intense, eye-catching volume, then you need to try out this look. Plenty of teasing, tousling, and hairspraying designs this ponytail into an incredibly saucy and fantastic ‘do that’s sure to take over the crowd. Add a smidgen of curls at the tips for extra sweet body.

Twisted Back High Ponytail – Simple Easy Ponytail


Simply pulling your hair back into a ponytail? Boring! Switch things up in a flash with this incredibly easy twisted back style. It adds just a little bit of quirky and fashionable dimension to your locks without going overboard, making it a great choice for casual occasions.

Heightened Ponytail with Messy Waves – Casual Ponytail for Girls


One thing about a regular ponytail is they certainly lack volume, but you can fix this by teasing heavily at the crown before pulling your locks back into a mid-height ponytail. Pull your strands around the elastic band to create a sensuous, unique style that’s quickly enhanced by some charming messy waves. So much glamorous body locked into these strands!

Chain Braid Messy Ponytail – Elegant Ponytail for Girls


Chain braids are SO cool, and an easy way to shake things up! Instead of settling for a typical french braid ponytail, strike up some trendy attitude with a chain braid intertwined on the side of your mane; but let this cute style run through the length of your ponytail as well. Stunning dimension and loads of body; love it.

French Braid Faux Hawk Ponytail


Faux hawks are ALL the rage right now, and you don’t even have to have short hair to rock it. This edgy look is inspired by the faux hawk trend, pulling her locks into a french braid up top and leaving the ponytail centered in the middle of her head. Such a rockin’ style that can accompany you to that next rock concert.

Full Bodied Short Ponytail


The great thing about short manes is they are super easy to volumize and style! Start off by heavily teasing the hair at the crown, pulling it back to a mid-height ponytail; but keep teasing for added volume at the strands as well!

Bubbly Ponytail – Ponytail for Black Hair


Long hair that needs a little bit of bulk in their hair is easier than you may think. By simply adding in a few extra elastic bands, you can create a bubbly finish that’s bouncing with flirty volume.

Sleek Extra-High Ponytail


Looking like a roman princess from the 18th century is as easy as indulging in this sleek and posh hairstyle. Tie your locks into an extra-height ponytail, then add a unique, super thick band to create some extra height and volume. Run a straightener through your mane to ensure that super slicked down style is there!

Messy Braided Ponytail


A regular ponytail may be a bit too casual, so to ensure you’re looking as dainty as a flower, try this messy braided style. It’s the perfect look for summer to pair with pink lipstick and your cutest summer dress!

Super Volumized Wavy Pony


We have to start off by mentioning just how much we ADORE her ombre style; the stunning light blonde ends really brighten her complexion and creates some striking contrast that’s great for the warmer seasons. But to make her colors really stand out, she heavily volumizes her high ponytail and throws in some delightful waves. A very eye-catching ponytail hairstyle!

Curly Ponytail


There’s nothing as cute as a curly ponytail, right? Leave your curls untouched to maintain that pristine, polished appearance that can be worn to the office party or a fancy dinner with ease.

Kinky Natural Curled High Ponytail – Ponytail for Black Hair with Weave


Naturally thick and curly manes can be a pain to deal with, so what better way to keep things maintained than with a gorgeous high ponytail? Toss your unmanageable yet super striking kinky curls into a ponytail and let those natural beauties be the star of the show.

Edgy Pulled Back Curly Pony with Shaved Sides


There’s no better way to show off that edgy side cut than with a ponytail! To add some extra body to your mid-height ponytail, toss in a few curls. And of course we have to note that intriguing wine-red colored hair; so flawless!

Super Braided Pony – Ponytail for Natural Hair


Why settle for one or two ponytails when you can french braid your locks into a braided masterpiece? This ponytail is truly ‘braided galore’ with an intriguing combination of several french braids tied up into a cure high ponytail. This hairstyle is definitely a looker!

Voluminous Wavy Ponytail


Looking like a lovely diva is a cinch with this immaculate ponytail hair idea! If you’ve got long, luscious locks, throw in some delectable waves to ensure there’s plenty of messy volume. Leave a curled strand by the face for added femininity. A look that can be worn literally anywhere.

Side French Braid Mid-Height Ponytail


High ponytails are always sassy, but you can give your look a bit more feminine edge by simply adding in a side french braid. It’s sweet, it’s sexy, and the versatility of this look is so nice. Wear it to work, wear it to your friend’s party- wear it just about anywhere.

Reverse Braid High Ponytail


You may be used to adding a braid to the top or side of your crown to add some girly dimension to your hairstyle, but what about underneath your pony? Switch things up with a reverse braid high ponytail!

Side Braid Ponytail with Curled Ends

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Naturally thick manes can be unmanageable at times, but they’re the perfect candidate for a full ponytail! Add some class and sass to your pony by styling a side braid leading back to your pony, but don’t stop there; a few curls at the tips ensures this look has enough elegance to be worn to even fancy nights.

Voluminous Elegant Curled Pony


Extra loose, super curly, and simply charming- this elegant hairstyle is exactly what you need to wear to your next formal event. Such a charming number, the beauty of this ponytail hairstyle is simply impossible to ignore.

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