Geek is Chic! The Hottest Hairstyles for Glasses

Hairstyles for Glasses

In first grade, my teacher called my parents in for a serious meeting. She was concerned at the level in which I was progressing and suggested that they take me to a specialist for learning disabilities. My parents, in shock at this development, came home and asked me if I was having a hard time with school. My response? “Yeah, I can’t see the board.” And that was how my relationship with glasses began. I have since moved onto contacts, but if you have ever worn them, you know that there are days that all you can think about is taking them out and reveling in the comfort of your glasses.

Celebrities of all kind have been spotted sporting the look- even some who have perfect vision. First grade me would have never believed that someone would willingly become a four-eyes, but it is true. Geek is officially chic! If you already wear glasses or are thinking of getting some, here are the hottest hairstyles to go with your specs!


Hairstyles for Glasses
Hairstyles for Glasses

Bangs are the ultimate accessory this season and luckily for us they go great with glasses. What doesn’t go great with glasses, however, is oily bangs. So follow these tips to avoid that potential disaster! Zooey Deschanel and bangs have always been synonymous, but they have become even more so with the success of her show New Girl on Fox. If you are looking for a sweet and innocent look, take a note from Zooey’s quirky character, Jess. Want some more bang inspiration from Zooey? Check out how her bangs have evolved throughout the years. The Office alum, Rashida Jones, pulls off a professional, yet sexy, look with her side swept bangs/glasses combo.

Short hair with Glasses

Kelly Osbourne paired her oversized glasses with this textured, bright blonde, pixie. Short hair is key if you like to experiment with bold frames. The openness it brings to your face is a great way to compliment them.

Scarlett Johansson also knows how to pull off this sexy look. If you are thinking about chopping off your locks, make sure to consult this guide for the best cut for the shape of your face.

Long and Sleek hairstyles with Glasses

 For something a little bit sexier, pair your glasses with a straight and smooth do. If you are going to be wearing this during the evening, make sure to have voluminous eyelashes that can be seen beyond your lenses.

Even with glasses, Demi Moore makes the long and sleek look feel iconic.

I want to hear from all of you out there who are thankful that being blind as a bat is no longer a fashion curse. How have you experimented with your hair while wearing glasses? Any favorites? Anything to avoid? 

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