Hairstyling Tips for Women with Bangs

Vanessa Hudgens Black Curly Bob Haircut

We all need a change from time to time, and bangs can be hard to get around when we are really looking for something to do with our hair that is drastically different from what we wear every day. Here you will find some interesting ideas to pep up your bangs.

Begin with freshly washed hair, which has been towel dried. Apply a good holding product, such as gel or mousse. Comb through to ends of hair to distribute product evenly. Put in a part if your style has one, and comb into desired style. Allow to dry naturally or under a hood dryer.

Retro Hairstyle 2013: Jessie J Latest Black Curly Hairstyle for Women
Celebrity Retro Hairstyle: Jessie J Latest Black Curly Hairstyle / Getty Images

If you have a formal affair, or you just want to look like you do, you’ve been looking for this sexy, mysterious style! Start with a deep side part, on the side of your choosing, apply gel as mentioned above-and apply finger waves. Your bang area can be worked into the finger wave, combed straight or make pin curls of them, if they are very short.

To pin curl, form gelled hair into a small ring on your forehead and pin till dry.

To finger wave, use a straight comb with both wide and fine teeth-lay your index finger parallel to your part. The tip of your finger should be right at your front hairline, using teeth of comb, pull the hair immediately under your finger toward your face, keeping pressure on your index finger to hold hair in place as you make this motion. This is the beginning of your first wave, next keeping pressure on your finger, squeeze a “ridge” between your index finger and middle finger-continuing to apply pressure, with both fingers now, holding the wave in place. Use the comb just under your middle finger now, to push hair sharply back in the opposite direction. You now have your first full wave! Pick fingers up and reposition index finger about an inch below the first wave, repeating the steps you have just finished for your next wave. Continue waving until you reach the top of the ear.

To finger wave the rest of the hair, do the back beginning from the crown, stopping at the same point you did the first section. For the other side of part, begin just under part as in first section etc. Once your finger waves are all in place, and completely dry, make one-inch square sections and put spring curls in the ends of the hair with a medium barrel curling iron. Pin hair well just at end of finger waves, taking care to hide pins among curls. Backcomb (tease) each curl individually for the full mass of curls pictured above. Use your fingers and a finishing pick to work with curl until it looks like you want it to, finish by spraying all well with an extra hold hairspray. Jeweled hair combs or pins would be very elegant at the point you inserted the pins in this style.

Vanessa Hudgens Black Curly Bob Haircut
Vanessa Hudgens Black Curly Bob Haircut/Getty Images

A short “do” with bangs such as the one pictured, is adorable with a head –full of small tousled ringlets.
Use a small barrel curling iron, and making one-inch square sections, put spring curls into your hair. Wrap each hair section from one end of the iron barrel to the other and carefully release. When all curls are in the hair, fluff with your fingers. Pull curls into place wherever you desire and spray all with medium to extra hold hairspray to finish.

2013 Updos:  Alyssa Milano Loose Bun Updo with Sexy Long Curls
Alyssa Milano Loose Bun Updo with Long Curls/Getty Images

For a medium or long bang, such as the one pictured above, nothing is easier than a few simple face- framing curls. Use a medium barrel curling iron, and sectioning bang into one-inch square sections, wrap hair from one end of barrel to the other. When curls are in place, comb out and spray with medium to extra hold hairspray to finish.

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