How to Grow Your Hair Out Gracefully

Growing out a short cut can be frustrating and leave you feeling awkward, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A pixie cut is known for being quick and easy to style. Read on for tips on how it can be just as easy to grow it out.

Emma Watson pixie cut
Emma Watson pixie cut

Emma Watson made major waves when she chopped off her signature Hermione locks in 2010. Around the same time, Carey Mulligan got her big break and showed off her pixie cut for the world to see. It’s two years later and both Emma and Carey are growing their hair longer and looking great in the process!

Stay positive

chic pixie cut
chic pixie cut

Hair growth takes time and waiting can be so frustrating… especially when you’re over your cut and anxious for something new. Look on the bright side and remember that all of the waiting will be worth it! In the meantime, have fun experimenting with styling and accessorizing your growing hair.


Headbands aren’t just for little girls! Michelle Williams is a great example of how a headband adds instant glam. Brands like Forever 21 and H&M offer chic hair accessories at great prices, but try Etsy for something completely unique (and handmade!). Get creative with mini-braids and twists like the picture of Carey above.

Experiment with product

Count on the product to help you keep your hair in check. Looking for a sleeker style? Emma’s hairstylist, Rodney Cutler, suggests working a mix of Redken Sheer Straight gel and Redken Glass smoothing serum through your hair before blowdrying. After flat ironing the ends, finish off with a volumizing hair spray. Craving some waves for your short do? Try Sebastian Stylixir on damp hair and let airdry.

Talk to your stylist

short bob cut with bangs

Don’t forget the best resource of all – your hairstylist! You can make an appointment with Emma’s Stylist, or find your new favorite. Your stylist chose their career because they have a passion for making their clients look and feel their best. The ends of your hair will be framing your face, so regular trims are important to keep any split ends in check. While you’re getting those trims, ask your stylist for great styling tips and product advice. We know that he or she won’t miss the chance to throw in a confidence boost that will have you feeling positive about your decision to grow!

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