How to Make an Elegant Chignon

Easy Messy Chignon

A chignon is a classic updo for women when attending formal events like weddings and promenade. Because of how sophisticated this hairstyle is, you would often see Hollywood celebrities strutting down the red carpet wearing a chignon.

Easy Messy Chignon
Easy Messy Chignon

The chignon buns can be done in several ways—some are more intricate and tightly wound while others have accents of curled strands falling down. If you are attending a formal occasion but you do not have time to drop by the salon to get your hair done, this is the perfect option. With this updo, you can look stunning and classy without needing the services of expert stylists. Here are some tips on how to make an elegant chignon hairstyle from Hairstyles Weekly:

Gathering the Tools

There aren’t really any complex tools that you need when doing a chignon. A blower in high setting is the key in achieving a polished look. This should straighten out the crown area so you do not have to deal with waves or curls. A fine tooth comb, roller brush and paddle brush will help you keep the strands in the right place.

To do the base of the chignon, you would need a thin, elastic band which would not break easily. Make sure that you also got a few bobby pins which will secure the hairstyle. To make the chignon last for several hours without the need to redo or retouch it, hair mousse, wax or hairspray is important too.

Step by Step Procedure

High loose chignon knotted elegant hairstyle
Back view of Jennifer Lopez high loose chignon knotted elegant hairstyle

Start blow-drying your hair while it is damp. The technique is to use the higher setting of the blower from the roots to the tips of your hair. A roller brush would make it easier for you to work on each section of your hair.

After blow-drying, pick your paddle brush and create a low pony tail close to the nape. You need to decide whether you want it a bit askew to the side or right on the middle part. Tie the pony tail with an elastic band.

Then, divide the tied hair into two segments. Apply a generous amount of hair wax or mousse on one section and then twist it up to the base of the pony tail. After this, wind it to the base of the pony tail to create a bun. Secure the ends using bobby pins. For the other segment of your hair, apply mousse or wax too and braid it. After finishing the braid until the ends, wind it around the circumference of the bun to add a more intricate detail to your chignon.

Smoothen out the crown and sides of your hair using a fine tooth comb to achieve a sleek look.

Tips and Tricks for Chignon Buns

Jessica Simpson elegant loose low chignon
Side view of low chignon: Jessica Simpson is sporting a elegant loose low chignon

Do not hesitate to use enough hair wax or mousse when doing a chignon. This will prevent the hairstyle to fall apart during the event. When using bobby pins, make sure that you place them towards the bun and close to the scalp so that you would not have difficulty in concealing it.

If you have bangs, you can either let it freely falling on your face for a softer look. If you want to exude a prim and proper image, you can also have it side swept and tucked behind your ear or use a small clip to hold it in place. Find more elegant hairstyles on

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