Rachel Bilson Tousled Long Wavy Ombre Hair

The ombre hair still hot in this year, as you can see more and more ladies wear ombre hair these days, no matter short hair or long hair, here is a sexy tousled wavy hair style from Rachel Bilson, she is set to turn heads and drop jaws with this cool and sassy ombre hairstyle.

The bangs are cut at a longer length to soften and frame her face, while the lower lengths are cut with a stylist’s razor, creating piecey and wispy ends. Highlights are only added to the lengths and ends of the hair to give a sun kissed summer look to her otherwise dark tresses. The hair is parted in the center and given a generous amount of volumizing sea salt spray. This adds texture and when left to dry naturally, gives soft tousled waves. The top section is swept to back of the head, holding into place with a few bobby pins. The bangs are left to loosely sit at the sides of the face for framing adding to a more casual look. This is a great hairstyle for spring and fall.

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