20 Cute Asymmetrical Bob Hair Styles You Will Love!

Side view of asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Looking for the latest popular hairstyles – try one of these fabulous asymmetrical bob hairstyles for a stunning SS16 makeover!  Short hairstyles are perfect for thick hair and long asymmetrical bobs look trendy and attractive on medium – fine hair!  Today’s new gallery includes lots of totally fresh hair color ideas from amber to pastel-green, all shades of blonde, pretty pink ombrés, gray and silver-gray to a stunning purple gloss on beautiful black hair!

Casual easy-care spiral short hairstyles for fashion-conscious women

If you have medium-thick hair, the ‘spiral outline’ is a fantastic new cutting-style with texture and movement built-in to the cut, so you look fabulous with an incredibly easy hairstyle to maintain.  It’s another exciting variation on the double asymmetric bob hairstyles that dominate the popular hairstyles for this year.  The hair has long layers and blunt-cut tips on the shorter profile, which then spirals around and down to become edgy, razor-cut layers accentuating the model’s lovely smile!  With a medium-blonde ombré on one side and a medium-brown ombré set asymmetrically at the back – this super-fashionable short hairstyles’ idea has oodles of sassy style!

Cute asymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs

Lovely long uneven bobs are popular hairstyles for fine hair SS16

Fine, swishy hair looks lovely in the latest, long, asymmetrical bob hairstyles and these fabulously popular hairstyles are unique in creating 4 different looks in one!  This model’s fine hair looks thicker because the layering is only added in the last inch or two, shaping the ends into a cute natural curve.  On an oval face, you can wear a trendy center-parting that focusses attention of the central section of the face. But if your face tends to be narrow, balance it by adding volume at the sides!  This is one of the popular hairstyles that everyone seems to love right now, as it adds tons of fashionable style to the long, natural hairdo’s favored by teens and young women!

brunette to pink long asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Lovely long blonde asymmetrical bob haircut for black hair

African American hairstyle ideas for medium length hair. Fine or thin hair looks great in medium-long asymmetrical bob hairstyles like the one below. This popular hairstyles’ idea has cleverly used the thickening action of hair lightening chemicals to add density to the model’s hair, which is sleekly styled with layers added at the ends to create the inverted bob shape that curves in at the tips. Dark roots match the model’s well-groomed eye-brows adding definition to the face and give the freedom from constantly worrying about ‘getting your roots done’!

Beyoncé inspired asymmetrical bob hairstyle for thin hair

Adorable punky blonde short hairstyles with sea-green tones

Match your hair to your eye-color for a contemporary short hairstyles’ option that’s adorably punk!  This pastel green bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for round or long face shapes in the collection! This double-asymmetrical bob hairstyle is a versatile cut, with side-to-side asymmetry on an already inverted bob.  The model’s beautiful green eyes are accentuated by the imaginative hair color idea of pastel green on top of platinum-blonde, with just a hint of light-brown roots.  Suitable for medium and fine hair this punk-lite look is fabulously fresh and youthful!

Trendy short straight asymmetrical bob haircut for women

Super-trendy short hairstyles for thick hair and round/heart faces

Precision-cut with a razor, this inverted bob is a super-trendy vintage 60’s, with the added twist of side-to-side asymmetry bringing it right up-to-the-minute for this time.  The innovative highlighting in the pic demonstrates the latest hair color trends with a blend of four shades! In this very popular hairstyles’ design, we have wheaty-blonde, amber-blonde, caramel and some carefully placed brown lowlights adding lots of 3-D color dimension and texture.  Strong, straight lines with sharply textured tips are perfect for minimising the curves and chubby cheeks of a round face and the deep side-parting with diagonal sweeping bangs creates a super-chic, high-fashion finish!

short asymmetrical bob haircut for round faces

Sleek short hairstyles with caramel-blonde vertical highlights on brunette base

Vertical medium golden blonde highlights bring dark hair colors to life and emphasize the lovely movement in this short asymmetrical bob.  Hairstyles cut to chin-length are very flattering and straight haircuts are popular hairstyles right now for an easy-care, but modern look.  This short hairstyle has a few layers at the ends to create the curved shape and an off-center parting, suitable for face shapes that fall between oval and round.  The long fringe covers the edge of a wide forehead and the line from textured tips up to the front hairline, also adds ‘length’ to a wide face, making this a great style for heart faces, too!

Victoria Beckham Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Short Hair
/Getty images

Natural finish asymmetrical bob hairstyles for teens

Cute short bob haircut with side swept bangs for girls. This pretty teenager is ready to Wow! her friends with a daring, double asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ idea.  One side hangs at chin-length with the hair graduated around the back to emerge on the other side at about 2-inches longer.  To suit a face shape between oval and round, an off-center parting is the most flattering and to complete the asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ theme, the bangs cover just one side of the forehead.  With a hint of purple eye-shadow and natural-pink lipstick, this popular hairstyles’ choice for SS16 adds a charming touch of sophistication for a young teen just starting to attend parties!

Cute back to school haircut - asymmetrical bob for girls

Shaved undercut back on platinum-blonde with gold-blonde balayage

In contrast, here’s an asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ design that’s intended to look artificial and challenging.  The hair color idea is platinum-blonde with a subtle golden ombré accentuating the textured look of the hair at the back and on the longer side.  The back is a very short hairstyle achieved by shaving the hair along a diagonal line as shown in photo 2) below.  The hair above the undercut is trimmed in sliced layers with sharp tips, styled in defined strands.  And the longer side is layered towards the ends and styled like a conventional inverted bob that ends at chin-level!

Trendy asymmetrical bob hairstyle for thin hair

Cute geometric short hairstyles with triple-blonde highlighting for round faces

Short hairstyles are some of the most popular hairstyles for this year and the new hair color ideas are making asymmetrical bob hairstyles better than ever. On a round face, a deep side parting with side-swept, extra-long bangs is the perfect way to break the symmetry.  The front view of the face is presented as a ‘diamond’ shape from the chin outwards to the cheek-bones and then inwards to the hairline, which instantly makes the face seem longer.  The triple highlighting can be seen most clearly in photo 3) where it adds 3-D color dimension to the sliced layers, styled in a casually tousled, textured finish.

layered short asymmetrical bob haircut for women

Dramatic black & blonde asymmetrical bob hairstyles to slim round faces

This dramatic and highly asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ idea streamlines a round face shape by slimming full cheeks and adding height/interesting hair color ideas on the top. This draws the eye up and makes the face seem longer.  Another great tip is to keep the sides sleek to the head, or have strongly asymmetrical sides – like this trendy asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ option.  Straight, geometric bob hairstyles ending just past the chin reduce facial curves very effectively and this platinum-blonde inverted/asymmetrical bob hairstyle’s a totally hot look for SS2016!

Cute asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

Cute asymmetrical bob hairstyles with hot-pink ombré for thick hair

Inverted asymmetrical bob hairstyles are so popular right now, especially since they’ve gone one step beyond the original inverted bob that’s shorter at the back.  This high-fashion bob haircut is also asymmetrical from side-to-side and with a fuchsia-pink ombré at the tips, it’s a very trendy and hip medium-short hairstyles option.  This asymmetrical bob hairstyle is suitable for medium and fine hair and suits round and heart-shaped faces.

Cute ombre asymmetrical bob haircut for thick hair

Funky four-way asymmetrical bob hairstyles with blonde balayage

Set the trends with this edgy asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ idea with an undercut section at the nape and a lovely long swirl of hair on one side!  The long side features edgy, disconnected layers with a cute blonde ombré and face-flattering highlights on the sexy peek-a-boo fringe.  The tips are textured for a wispy look and you can display earrings and piercings on the ultra-short side-point  with hair casually pushed behind one ear!

Short wavy asymmetrical ombre bob hairstyle for women

Ginger-up your mousey hair with subtle cinnamon hair color ideas

Short asymmetrical bob hairstyles are winning all the prizes for the most popular hairstyles this season!  Well, they really are very flattering and the range of different hair color trends means you can constantly refresh your look!  Here’s a well-groomed medium bob, tinted a subtle cinnamon shade, that will perk-up mousey hair without looking artificial or harsh against light skin-tones.  With a strong, diagonal fringe and a length of a couple of inches below the chin, this is a very flattering and classy, medium-short hairstyle for a round or heart-shaped face.

Layered asymmetrical bob hairstyle for women

Warm chocolate-brown inverted bob hairstyles for fine hair

Here’s a yummy double-asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ idea that can be achieved on medium to fine hair.  The two profile pics show that the hair length changes from the center back around the nape, so you get one side hanging a couple of inches longer around the chin.  The deep side-parting is great for round and heart faces, as are the flat sides. Hair draped on either side of the chin helps disguise a narrow chin perfectly. Fine hair with a silky texture looks great in smooth, asymmetrical bob hairstyles because it reflects lots of light and shines with health!

Cute Side view of asymmetrical bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

High-fashion ombré asymmetrical bob hairstyles with edgy disconnected layers

Here’s a fantastic urban-chic look, with a touch of ‘street’ edge in the innovative cutting technique.  Stacked-back hair is graduated sharply down to just above the collar-bone.  Then the hair is thinned-out to create defined, straight strands with sharply textured tips.  The line moves up to soften the face, but the ends are kept sharp to contrast with the nicely-rounded back.  With the top highlighted in a fabulous new shade of amber-blonde and dark-brown in the lower layers, short hairstyles like this create interest wherever you go!  Best on thick hair, asymmetrical bob hairstyles with strong, straight lines and bangs flatter round and heart faces!

Side view of asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Extra-edgy shattered layers for short hairstyles in platinum-blonde

When you have a long or round face, the strong lines of a diagonal fringe across the face are just what you need to balance out your face-shape.  This daring new asymmetrical bob hairstyles’ idea is perfect for projecting a trend-setting, extrovert image!  Thick hair is parted on the side and styled across the head to fall in a thick section down to cheekbone level.  The lower lengths are razor-thinned to produce the latest ragged look in sliced layers with long, tapered tips hovering around the chin.  Without dark roots, but retaining the contrasting dark eyebrows, the ‘shattered layer’ look is one of the most popular hairstyles in edgy, urban-chic short hairstyles for SS16!

short blonde asymmetrical bob haircut for women

Double-asymmetrical bob hairstyles to minimise a large nose

Here’s a great short hairstyles’ option created to distract attention from the model’s large nose.  See how a deep, side-parting shifts the focus away from the center face and a large nose.  Avoid hair that’s flat and sleekly styled, because that will highlight a nose you may prefer to minimise, so choose a style with gentle layers.  This will enable you to create more volume, which balances your nose, and a look that’s softly blended.  Avoid sharply textured tips, like the ones in the short hairstyle below, as this will accentuate the ‘sharp’ line of a nose.  But straight hair can be tousled around the crown to create interesting texture and flattering height!

Trendy Cute asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

Sophisticated long bob with gorgeous deep purple tones on thick black asian hair

This is currently one of my absolute favorite looks for thick, black hair!  The big hair shape is produced by the exaggerated curve of hair sweeping out and down in layers from crown to nape, before following an expertly graduated line to several inches past shoulder-length.  The lovely shade of purple complements the model’s skin-tone and fabulous loose waves create texture highlighted by pretty, pastel-purple balayage!  This is a highly sophisticated asymmetrical bob hairstyle with a relaxed finish, suitable for a semi-formal event or a fantastic red-carpet look!  No wonder the model can hardly contain her smile, she knows she looks drop-dead gorgeous!

Medium soft wavy Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for women

Face flattering tips for asymmetrical bob hairstyles to suit heart/long/round faces

Heart faces are wider at the top and taper in at the chin, so the best balancing looks are chin-length short hairstyles in the opposite shape.  This model has a heart-shaped face with a long, narrow chin, so she should have longer hair on both sides of the chin, to add the illusion of width. Diagonal bangs from a side parting are a great way to conceal a wide forehead and shorten a long face, but adding height and width on top with teasing or twisty waves is a definite no-no! Sharply tapered tips only draw attention to a sharply tapered chin and those cute blonde twists need to be lower down, adding volume around the chin. (On the other hand, this is a fabulous short hairstyles’ idea for a round face!)

Soft wavy Chic Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for busy mom

Funky boho asymmetrical bob hairstyles in gray/silver-blonde with big glasses

This super-funky, short hairstyles’ idea is a great way to reflect an unconventional approach to life!  Square frames are the best choice for round faces and for the same reasons, asymmetrical bobs and short hairstyles are great for flattering symmetrical faces.  I especially like the versatility of short hairstyles’ with a sassy undercut at the back, which you can cover-up or display by brushing the longer section forwards for an edgy, glam look.  The funky, ironic twist on popular hairstyles here is coloring the roots and tips gray, with a broad horizontal band of silver-blonde all around the head!

Chic Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle with glasses

Simple but stylish popular hairstyles for long thick brunette hair

Aviator sunglasses are a trendy fashion statement all on their own, so the best way to continue the ‘cool’ fashion style is with simple, carefully shaped popular hairstyles.  Thick hair can be beautifully styled and controlled, with long layers cut into less-is-more asymmetrical bob hairstyles like the one below.  The hair is parted on the side and then brushed over the top to add a little, natural volume which is useful to add length to a round face.  The cut is a long, inverted bob with a high degree of graduation from the back down to several inches past shoulder length at the front.  Layering at the ends creates a slight inward curve, and the sharply textured tips add just the right amount of ‘edge’ to this very stylish and popular hairstyles’ idea for long hair!

A-line bob - long bob lob hairstyle

Today’s gallery of the most popular hairstyles will get you up-dated and ready to look your best throughout this season!  Short hairstyles can work wonders to freshen up your image and whether you choose blunt-cut styles for fine hair or edgy, asymmetrical bob hairstyles that tame thick locks – if you choose one of these fabulous new hairdo’s you’ll look totally gorgeous!

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