Hairstyles 2013 - Sexy Long Hairstyle with Layers

Best Layered Long Hairstyles for 2018

If you have long hair, then layers are the best bet for any hairstyles, in this article, you can find the most popular layered long hairstyles for 2014.

Here are the most popular long hairstyles with layers, hope these styles can help you get some new hair ideas.

Sexy Long Wavy Hairstyle with Layers: If you have wavy hair, then cut the hair near the crown into few layers, then the rest of the hair into deep layers, with the hair ends cut into a tapering look. This style looks great with all types of bangs.

Choppy Long Hairstyle with Layers: For choppy layers style you will need to cut all your hair into layers, then cut every strand at different length, to get the choppy layered effect.

Flipped Ends Layered Style for Long Hair: For this hairstyle cut your hair near the crown into few layers, and then cut the rest of hair into deep layers, and style them by flipping the hair ends outwards. Accompany this long haircut with side sweeping bangs.

Long Razor Cut Layers: You can cut your straight hair into long layers, and then run a razor on them. The razor cut hairstyles will give the modern sleek hairstyle look.

Sleek Layered Hairstyles: To get this classic look of layered long hairstyles, you will need straight fine hair. Middle part your hair, and then cut the hair on sides into deep layers starting from your jaw level. This style looks good with blunt Cleopatra or side blunt bangs.

Make sure you visit a good stylist, and describe the style you want to professional, to get your desired look.

Here are some pictures of popular celebrities’ long hairstyles with layers, enjoy.
Click the thumbnails to view larger images and details.

Here are more latest popular hair styles for you to choose from! Enjoy!
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  1. Lasagna delivery guy says:

    I have a very low self image of myself, i feel ugly and disgusting, infact looking at these pictures make me feel the need to cry. one of the main things i hate about myself is my hair, i was thinking a fringe might help but i vant got a clue of what would suit me best so i was wondering if you could help. sorry about the bad pictures i am usually wearing a hat to cover up my horrible hair and very rarely let people take photos of me, these are the only ones i could find:

    me on the left:

    second in from left, wearing gloves:

    thankyou. x.
    useful criticism welcome 🙂

  2. diggn4richez says:

    Thats me(the white girl) I love my hair, its currently a little bit lighter than that, but its light brown with plenty of blonde in it. I like it alot. the only thing is, is been pretty much the same for a couple years now. A bit darker and a bit lighter but the same old thing. I’m going to be 20 in a month, and I’m looking for a little bit of a change– but nothing that I’m not going to like, something thats true to me. Any ideas?

  3. forahobby says:

    to a picnic in a park?? I am having a picnic with a few friends in a park.. what should I wear…. what makeup should I put on.. what hairstyle should I have???
    Thank you in advance!

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