19 Pretty Permed Hairstyles – Best Perms Looks You Can Try This Year

curly hairstyles for women - permed hairstyles

Pretty permed hairstyles can be as softly waved or curly as you like and from volume-adding body perms to the super-curly spirals – they’re all right back in fashion for spring and summer 2016 hairstyles!  Take a look at these cute and very inspiring perms – hairstyles that reveal exciting, new highlighting trends, including bronde, to make us all look more fabulous than ever before!

Full-volume ruffled perm hairstyles for body & wave on fine hair

Perm hairstyles are great for adding volume to thin or fine hair, as you can see in this gorgeous ruffled bob.  The basic bob is cut to fall just below the chin when straight. This wavy permed hairstyles’ idea is the perfect shape for a long or thin face, as the fairly flat top with extra volume at the sides makes the face seem wider.  A diagonal fringe, cut across the forehead, can be used to hide a third of the facial length and keeping the ends above the chin ensures that all the focus stays on the centre of your face!

Golden Spiral Perm Hairstyle

Sophisticated spiral perm with dual highlights creating a beautiful bronde curly hairstyle

If you’ve been wondering what ‘bronde’ is – this curly hairstyle pic demonstrates the new hair color idea. It isn’t blonde or brown, but a lovely combination of the two colours creating lots of extra 3-D dimension. This is a lively permed hairstyle that’s also quite sophisticated owing to the fabulous cool-shade highlighting. It suits an oval, heart or square face. You can wear this long, curly hairstyle in lots of different ways, so it’s perfect for everything from a formal dinner to a country picnic!

permed hairstyles

Crazy super-spiral curly permed hairstyle on long light-bronde hair

If your personality tends to fizz-up and threaten to overflow – here’s the perfect permed hairstyle for you! This look works well on medium textured hair types which have at least a little natural wave. In the past, permed hairstyles sometimes caused hair to become dry, frizzy and hard to manage, but with all the hair care products we have these days that’s not a problem! Be prepared for a long salon visit for this fabulous cloud of corkscrew curls – it takes a long time to wind long hair on spiral perm curlers! But if you want to go from straight to zany – it’s well worth it and will last for a long time!

long curly hairstyle - permed hairstyles

Bridal permed hairstyles with cascading waves plus indigo & blonde highlights on brunette base

If you have extra-long hair, this is a very elegant way to show it off for a wedding, a prom or a party. This model is wearing ready-waved and tinted hair extensions, so don’t feel you have to wait until your own hair grows long enough! The internet hair extension retailers are already offering lots of pre-permed hairstyles with purple and blonde highlights to meet the demand for curly hairstyles in spring and summer 2016!

back view of layered permed hairstyle for long hair

Gorgeous Goldilocks’ curls on curly/kinky hair

If your natural hair is curly/kinky, it will take a fine spiral-permed hairstyle really well! All you have to do is keep conditioning your hair to stop the combination of bleach and curly perm from drying it out. The absolute best hair conditioner is olive oil – try it if you have coarse hair and see! (It’s not suitable for fine hair.) This curly, golden, permed hairstyle has a bare forehead to add length to a low forehead and lots of side volume to add width. It suits oval and square faces as the curls soften a narrow, angular face beautifully!

medium permed hairstyle for blonde hair

Trendy diagonal wave permed hairstyle with subtle blonde ombré on long brown hair

The desire for trendy asymmetry continues and here’s a very clever and attractive way to show it! This permed hairstyle has a wave pattern that starts higher on one side and makes a diagonal line down the back. This is another great example of bronde hair color ideas, with a neutral brown shade beautifully graduated into neutral blonde at the ends. The lovely sweeping U-shaped cut makes a fabulously soft and romantic look in this fresh new permed hairstyle!

sun kissed permed hairstyle for medium length hair

Beautiful big hair Afro-corkscrew curly hairstyles’ with blonde highlights on brunette hair

The Afro has continued getting trendier these last few years. So it was only a matter of time until it became a popular permed hairstyle for straight hair – again! Knowing the immense popularity of vintage, here’s a 1970’s favourite brought up-to-minute with mid-blonde highlights. The hair is carefully layered to create a cute, face-framing halo of spiral, corkscrew curls adding width to a narrow or long face. It covers the forehead to reduce a long face shape – (even better if you also reduce the height on top). The lovely blonde highlights soften the mass of dark hair, adding definition to those perfect spiral curls!

curly hairstyles for women - permed hairstyles

Classic tightly waved permed hairstyle for long hair with stunning gray ombré

This permed hairstyle mimics a natural curl pattern – (that ‘curly girls’ spend hours trying to straighten)! Ah well – when it comes to hair, we all seem to want the opposite of what we were given! I love this young and lively look, with the hair left almost one length except for a little layering towards the ends to prevent bushy tips. Curly hairstyles are a good way to soften an angular or square face and add lots of volume to fine hair. The natural dark-blonde has been given a totally modern spin with a quirky ash-blonde to grey ombré!

permed long curly hairstyle - silver perms look

Gorgeous long golden ringlet curly hairstyle with neutral brown ombré

Here’s another fabulous curly hairstyle for adding volume to fine, long hair! It’s a spiral perm with layers creating a curved shape – starting at the roots, bowing out at the sides and curving in again towards the ends. Good for balancing out thin, square or diamond-shapes faces and covering a strong jaw-line. This medium shade of golden-blonde is also one of the most flattering blonde tones for anyone over 21 and the darker ombré adds an extra dash of style!

curly hairstyles - permed hairstyle for women

Glamorous pixie with vintage head waves & curly top with golden ombré

Here’s a sensational twist on the curly hairstyles for short pixies with longer lengths on top! The sides have been permed in reverse pin-curls to create those beautiful head-hugging waves adding texture at the back and sides. The long side points finish off each profile with a super-cute pin curl and show-off a pair of pretty earrings. The top is a nest of tousled golden curls, flattering the models warm skin-tone. The neutral brown shade at the sides avoids it looking sugary-sweet. Best of all, permed curly hairstyles on short hair are very easy to style!

permed short haircut for black women

Pretty ‘flattened-wave’ permed hairstyle on long jet-black hair

This asymmetrically-draped curly hairstyle looks very natural, but is the result of an all-over perm to add wave from root to tip and then being styled with hot tongs. The difference is that with perms, hairstyles can be heat-curled and the curl stays in until you wash your hair! This cute wavy style has just a few layers a few inches above the ends, to create a nice tapered look to the tips, instead of a square finish. Although most curly hairstyles are shown on models with oval faces, long, wavy hairdo’s are great for softening the angles in a square or diamond face shape.

permed hair style for black women with long hair

Natural-look light perms & hairstyles for long hair to flatter a round or heart face

Tousled light waves and straight-across bangs, make this long permed hairstyle suitable for round and heart faces. Round faces should always avoid curly hairstyles, but you can get added texture and volume on fine hair with half-head body perms. Hairstyles with long layers flatter wide face shapes even more if the fringe is cut to graduate down at the edges, with a few shorter layers each side accentuating the cheekbones. The end result gives a very natural-looking finish proving that not all perms have to be curly!

perms hairstyles - permed long brunette hairstyle with bangs

Soft wave perms/hairstyles for short black hair with copper highlights

Get this elegant look by perming your tight curl/kink pattern into a softer wave, rather than trying completely straight hair perms. Hairstyles with soft waves are very elegant and look great on a longer pixie cut like the one below. This pixie cut has been cut with a longer back to allow for some lovely smooth waves and a beautiful back view. The top has cute pin curls creating lots of attractive forward movement and texture. And the whole style is brought to life by warm copper highlights that add 3-D color dimension and suit a warm skin tone to perfection!

permed hairstyle for black women

Incredibly blonde big hair for vintage Afro-perms & hairstyles for long black hair

Huge Afro-perms/hairstyles were popular in the 1970’s, when natural black hair was being copied by everyone! This extravagant Afro-perm’s a hairstyle you can only achieve on extra-long hair, but it’s a stunning style that lasts for ages after the perm. Hairstyles like this gorgeous golden blonde, will definitely make you look and feel like an A-lister! The hair is layered to create the square shape on top and then a nice full curve that tapers in gently at the tips. Suits oval faces only, if you have the centre-parting, but can be easily adjusted to suit heart-shapes and soften angular faces.

textured blonde curly hairstyle for black women

Best perms/hairstyles for adding volume to fine hair on trendy tousled medium-bob cut

Although the model has thick Asian hair, this is also a great example of how to add volume to fine hair with easy-style, non-curly perms! Hairstyles in a medium-bob on strong hair look great with a few layers added towards the ends to taper the shape. And all straight hair looks thicker with lightly-waved perms. Hairstyles like this suit round, heart and oval faces and can be adjusted to cover a strong jawline, too! The peek-a-boo bangs are draped seductively over one eye, covering up a wide forehead – if necessary.  And the widest part is at lip/chin level, which would balance out a narrow chin.

short permed bob hairstyle

Cute natural-wave perms & hairstyles to add volume to long fine hair in bob cut

If you have fine hair in a long bob haircut, I expect it often looks flat and limp. The problem is that fine hair strands are super-sensitive to damp or humid air. But as a fellow fine-hair sufferer, I can really recommend loose-wave perms. Hairstyles with waves make fine hair appear twice as thick and you won’t have the embarrassment of leaving home with beautifully waved hair, but arriving at your destination with limp, straight locks ever again! This long bob has a casual, windswept finish with a very attractive defined wave falling seductively over one eye! Suitable for oval, heart, thin or angular face shapes.

layered brunette messy bob hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Classy loose permed ringlets on inverted bob with copper & red highlights on black hair

This is a really classy permed hairstyle, from a stylist who knows how to use modern perms. Hairstyles often just need a bit more ‘curl-holding ability’ and body, so don’t think that all perms create wildly curly hairstyles! This is a fantastic twist on the extreme inverted bob cut, showing how very versatile medium hairstyles can be! The stylist has built up different layers of loose ringlets, waves and barrel curls that inter-mingle the hair colors beautifully. It’s a softly sophisticated style that’s suitable for just about any formal or informal special event! Find more latest hair color ideas here.

Red dark Messy Bob Hairstyle for black women

Pretty profile of inverted bob on black hair with dual copper-red balayage and softly permed waves

African American hair ideas for short to medium hair. And here’s the profile view showing the side-parting and blend of copper and copper-red tones in a very attractive, new hair color idea.  The style has long, diagonal bangs which suit a round or heart-shaped face.  Although round face shapes should avoid bouncy curls around the face at all costs, you can sneak in some waves and curls at the back, as this permed hairstyle ably demonstrates!

African American messy curly dark o red ombre bob hairstyle for black women

Perms, hairstyles & golden blonde highlights meet the inverted bob and . . . fall in love!

Choppy bob cut for black women. Forgive my whimsical approach to the new perms, hairstyles and colors appearing on inverted bobs, but you have to admit they’re very fresh and attractive! The part-balayage and part-ombré application of medium golden-blonde on jet-black hair creates a lovely contrast, with the tousled waves adding a soft and romantic touch. I really love how extreme inverted bobs can have a cute ringlet just below the chin and the gentle waves really accentuate the stacked-back layering. The difference between having this hot-tonged style on straight hair or permed hair is that the permed version will still look gorgeous when you get home!

medium dark to blonde ombre messy bob hairstyle for black women

I have to tell you that selecting these pretty permed hairstyles and pop perms looks you can try has taken me hours and hours this week!  Once you start using perms, hairstyles‘ choices multiply about tenfold! And that’s not even taking into account the new neutral brown and blonde shades that are all ready to give us our best-ever spring and summer 2016 hairstyle makeover!

If you want to try short cut this year, you can try the bobs and pixie cuts, find more latest popular hairstyles on hairstylesweekly.com

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