2024 Hair Color Trends: Celebrity-Inspired Alluring Shades

As we navigate the enchanting world of hair color trends, it’s clear that this year is all about individuality, originality, and a dash of daring adventure. We’ve taken inspiration from our beloved celebrities, fashion runways, and hair color experts to bring you this comprehensive guide to the most covetable hair shades of this year. Hair color is an intimate expression of personal style and mood, an aesthetic choice that can instantly transform your look and boost your confidence. With a palette ranging from the fiery Brightened-Up Red to the subtly elegant Blushed Chocolate Brown, you’re sure to find a color that resonates with your personality and enhances your natural beauty.

As the fashion world continues to evolve and innovate, hair color trends are becoming increasingly diverse and creative. Hairstylists and colorists are constantly experimenting with new techniques and shades, resulting in a vibrant spectrum of hair color options for those willing to take the plunge. This year, we’re seeing a variety of versatile colors that cater to all hair types, skin tones, and style preferences. So, whether you’re a natural brunette contemplating a Blended Bronde transformation or a blonde vying for the Peach Blonde hue, we’ve got you covered.

1. Apricot Red

Apricot Red hair color ideas 2024

Copper red is taking on a brighter persona with Apricot Red. This orange-toned red adds a show-stopping allure to natural red hair that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Julianne Moore exemplifies this vibrant color with grace and charm.

2. Rooty Blonde Blend

Rooty Blonde Blend hair color ideas 2024

Root touch-ups every six weeks? No, thank you. Rooty Blonde Blend introduces a shadow root or root smudge to pair with your multi-dimensional blonde. This allows for longer breaks between salon trips without sacrificing style. Jennifer Aniston sports this convenient yet stylish color with ease.

3. Hints of Cinnamon

hair color ideas 2024: Hints of Cinnamon hair color

Add a touch of spice to your hair color with Hints of Cinnamon. It’s a color that feels incredibly cozy and continues to shine as the year progresses. Emma Stone carries this spicy color perfectly, demonstrating its versatility and warmth.

4. Copper Blonde

hair color ideas 2024: Copper Blonde

Want to add a twist to your usual blonde? Consider Copper Blonde. This color adds warmth without brassiness and can be easily maintained with a monthly toning gloss. Jessica Chastain rocks this color with confidence, proving how blondes can indeed have more fun.

5. Glossy Mocha

hair color ideas 2024: Glossy Mocha

If you’re a natural brunette seeking a color upgrade, Glossy Mocha has got you covered. With deep layers of mocha brown, this color is a savior for bad hair days. The striking Eva Longoria demonstrates the beauty of this color, showing its allure and its seamless fit for darker brunettes.

6. Blended Bronde

hair color ideas 2024: Blended Bronde

Make way for the ultimate fusion of blonde and brunette, the Blended Bronde. This hair color magic strikes the perfect balance for those caught between the allure of warm brunette hues and the lightness of blonde. No seasonal restraints here, as this color celebrates its adaptability to different times of the year. A-list celebrities such as Blake Lively have embraced this adaptable trend, showing how it harmonizes with various skin tones and hair types.

7. Caramel Melt Balayage

hair color ideas 2024: Caramel Melt Balayage

Embrace the sun-kissed allure of the Caramel Melt Balayage. This technique infuses brunette locks with a light-reflecting caramel shimmer, focusing mainly on the ends and framing the face. The balayage technique eliminates the worry of root regrowth, making it a top choice for those craving a more natural look with low maintenance. Stars like Jessica Alba have often been spotted flaunting this deliciously warm shade.

8. Strawberry Brown Balayage

hair color ideas 2024: Strawberry Brown Balayage

Prepare to steal the spotlight with the rich and multi-faceted Strawberry Brown Balayage. This hair color innovation transforms a basic brown base with an infusion of deep strawberry red hues, offering an instant upgrade from the ordinary. It’s a favorite among those wanting to add a pop of color to their locks without going too bold or bright. Emma Stone, known for her redhead look, often oscillates between this shade and her natural blonde.

9. Statement Blonde Money Piece

hair color ideas : Statement Blonde Money Piece

Unleash the power of strategic highlights with the Statement Blonde Money Piece. This technique highlights the strands framing your face, creating a radiant and youthful effect without a total blonde transformation. It’s a subtle approach to the blonde trend that still manages to make a bold statement, as seen on celebrities like Haley Bieber.

10. Tawny Babylights

hair color ideas : Tawny Babylights

Actress Natalie Portman is no stranger to hair transformations. However, one of her most stunning looks involves Tawny Babylights, where bright auburn interplays with chestnut hues. This technique infuses new life into brunette locks, subtly lightening the hair without going overboard. It’s the ideal choice for those who crave a bit of color play without straying far from their brunette roots.

11. Mushroom Brunette

Mushroom Brunette

Turning away from the warmth of caramels and golds, Mushroom Brunette offers a refreshing take on brunette shades. This cool-toned look is captivating on many skin tones, including those with fair complexions like actress Lily Collins. Imagine the unique color of a wild mushroom, blending ashy brown and grey to create an earthy, chic shade. This might be your perfect way to stand out in a sea of warm-toned hair colors.

12. Contrast Balayage

hair color ideas: Contrast Balayage

Picture the rich depth of a dark mocha base touched with bright blonde highlights, and you’ve got the Contrast Balayage. It’s a look that plays with extremes yet achieves a harmonious blend, much like what Chrissy Teigen wears. This approach is a testament to the beautiful mingling of dark and light hair colors, enhancing curls and adding dimension to straight hair alike.

13. Peach Blonde

hair color ideas: Peach Blonde

The Peach Blonde shade is the modern answer to traditional strawberry blonde. More on the orange spectrum, this color settles into a gorgeous peach blonde hue, delivering an enchanting, warm glow to the hair. Emma Stone, a natural blonde, is known to flirt with redhead tones and she absolutely shines in this fun and vibrant shade.

14. Auburn Tinges

hair color ideas: Auburn Tinges

Julianne Moore’s auburn tresses are iconic in the world of hair color. Adding Auburn Tinges to a brunette base can provide a striking yet subtle change, introducing warmth and dimension to otherwise flat colors. It’s all about strategic balayage babylighting in a reddish auburn hue that adds a touch of sass without a total color overhaul.

15. Burnt Caramel

hair color ideas: Burnt Caramel hair color

Halle Berry has been turning heads with her Burnt Caramel locks. This subdued take on the classic caramel hair color is like autumn in hair form. It’s rich, warm, and reminiscent of leaves turning color, while being low-maintenance and versatile across all seasons.

16. Pearly Blonde Dimension

hair color ideas: Pearly Blonde Dimension

Jennifer Lawrence beautifully showcases the Pearly Blonde Dimension look, where silvery, pearly blonde shades merge with golden tones. The result is a hair color that not only turns heads but also requires much less maintenance than traditional blonde. It’s a shimmering blend of tones that catches the light, adding a luminous quality to any hairstyle.

17. Soft Cool Black

hair color ideas: Soft Cool Black

Dive into the deep end of the color spectrum with Soft Cool Black. Contrary to popular belief, black isn’t harsh or severe, but rather, it exudes an air of sophisticated mystery. This cool-toned variant of black offers a captivating contrast against warm skin tones, offering an ethereal look. Stars like Lucy Liu have long been fans of this timeless, classic shade.

18. Low-Maintenance Platinum

hair color ideas: Low Maintenance Platinum

Enter the realm of the ice queens with Low-Maintenance Platinum. This rendition of platinum blonde features darker roots that gracefully transition into bright, icy blonde ends. The beauty of this color lies in its ability to provide a dramatic transformation without the frequent salon visits typically associated with platinum blonde. Celebrities like Michelle Williams embody the elegance of this shade.

19. Robust Ruby Red

hair color ideas: Robust Ruby Red

Turn up the heat with Robust Ruby Red. This deep, rich hue captures the entrancing beauty of a ruby gemstone. It’s all about amplifying the vibrancy of red to create a hair color that’s as captivating as it is unforgettable. Stars like Rihanna have proven the alluring impact of this striking hair color.

20. Sunlit Honey Blonde

hair color ideas 2025: Sunlit Honey Blonde

Capture the radiance of golden hour any time of the day with Sunlit Honey Blonde. This refined take on beach blonde merges shades of honey and gold, creating a multidimensional effect that illuminates your features. It’s like a halo of warm sunlight that complements a wide range of skin tones, beautifully demonstrated by the likes of Jennifer Aniston.

21. Ginger Brunette

hair color ideas 2025: Ginger Brunette

Turn up the spice with Ginger Brunette. This intriguing shade combines the depth of brunette with the fiery vibrance of ginger, creating a color that’s undeniably attention-grabbing. This toasted ginger color shines brilliantly on warm skin tones, offering a refreshing and unique twist to traditional brunette hues. Stars like Isla Fisher are known for rocking this spicy shade.

22. Brightened-Up Red

hair color ideas 2026: Brightened Up Red

This hair color doesn’t hold back on vibrancy. Apricot red gives a brightness that pulls out those baby blues and brings your look to life. Adding a spectrum of copper, apricot, and strawberry blonde gives it even more dimension and pop. The perfect personification of this fiery color? The radiant Amy Adams.

23. Sandstone Blonde

hair color ideas 2026: Sandstone Blonde hair color

Can’t decide between honey warmth or cool-toned ash for your blonde? Sandstone Blonde is your sweet spot. This neutral blonde has hints from both ends of the spectrum, creating a perfectly balanced color that fits any season or occasion. The lovely Taylor Swift showcases this color elegantly.

24. Blushed Chocolate Brown

hair color ideas 2027: Blushed Chocolate Brown

You might need to do a double-take with Blushed Chocolate Brown. This color has a subtly enchanting blush tint that adds a whimsical twist to your natural brown strands. It’s a dreamy and modern color for this year, beautifully worn by the stunning Kendall Jenner.

25. Mocha Color Melt

hair color ideas 2027: Mocha Color Melt

Experience the illusion of a lighter hair color while maintaining the richness of a cool-toned, dark base color with Mocha Color Melt. Chocolate brown gets seamlessly blended a few inches below the darker roots, creating an effortlessly chic gradient. This color is a favorite of the timeless Mila Kunis. This short bob haircut is perfect for summer.

The kaleidoscope of the latest hair color trends provides ample opportunities to experiment, reinvent, and express oneself. Celebrities and influencers have paved the way for us to embrace change and celebrate diversity through these alluring shades. The most important aspect, however, is to choose a color that you connect with, one that mirrors your personality and allows you to feel confident and beautiful.

Remember, each hair color trend narrated here is adaptable; it’s all about making it work for you. Ask your hairstylist for advice on how to adapt these trends to your unique style, hair type, and skin tone. Embrace the change, step out of your comfort zone, and you might just find yourself setting the trend for the next year! Remember, your hair is your crowning glory, and the color you choose can become your signature statement.

Gallery of hair color ideas:

Hairstyle of the Week: Reshaped Mid-Length with Bangs

Short hair trends have captivated the beauty world, with an array of cuts like bobs and lobs dominating our social feeds. However, there’s a particular style that’s rising to prominence, defying the norms of the short hair craze – it’s the reshaped mid-length with bangs. This hairstyle exudes an understated elegance and an effortlessly modern vibe, making it a coveted choice for those looking to strike a balance between fashion-forward and classic.

To delve into the nuances of this trend, we turn to insights from celebrated hairstylists who understand the intricate dance between cut and personality. They guide us through choosing the perfect length, the art of selecting bangs, and the secrets to styling this versatile look. Let’s explore how to bring this mid-length transformation to life.

The Reshape – Crafting the Perfect Mid-Length

long hair before the cut
Before the cut
mid length hair after the cut
After /Haircut by @hirohair

Finding Your Ideal Length

The medium-length hair is all about versatility. Hovering between the jawline and the shoulders, it provides the perfect landscape for a stylish transformation. This length is long enough to pull back into a low ponytail yet short enough to make a statement as a down-do.

The Role of Texture and Movement

The reshape of this mid-length cut isn’t merely about removing length; it’s about enhancing movement and texture. Stylists use a combination of point cutting and texturizing techniques to create a look that moves with you. It’s about a cut that lives and breathes, tailored to your hair’s natural tendencies and your lifestyle.

Custom Color: The Final Touch

In the mid-length reshape, color plays a crucial role in defining and accentuating the haircut’s form and texture. Hand-painted highlights, subtle ombre, or a sun-kissed balayage can add a dimensional richness that brings the layers to life.

Bangs – The Personality of Your Cut

Choosing Bangs That Complement

Bangs are much more than a fringe; they are the defining feature of your haircut that can change the entire narrative of your look. Whether it’s a full, blunt fringe or soft, side-swept bangs, the right choice will complement your face shape and enhance your features.

Mastering the Bangs Styling Game

Styling bangs can be an art form in itself. They require the right approach to fit seamlessly into the reshaped mid-length cut. Using the right tools, like a fine-toothed comb and a round brush, and mastering the blow-dry technique can give your bangs that perfect, face-framing quality.

Upkeep: The Bangs Edition

Bangs grow out faster than the rest of your hair, so keeping them in check is essential for maintaining the integrity of the style. Quick trims, whether at the salon or carefully done at home, will ensure your bangs always look fresh and intentional.

Refining the Look – Techniques for Texture and Volume

Layering for Liveliness

To breathe life into the shoulder-length cut, stylists often employ layering techniques that add bounce and movement. The aim is to create a shape that flatters the face while providing a lively silhouette that can be styled in a multitude of ways. Layers are carefully snipped to follow the natural flow of the hair, ensuring that each strand falls into place effortlessly.

Texturizing for Personal Flair

Texturizing is essential to prevent the mid-length cut from looking too blunt or heavy, especially for those with thicker hair. This process involves thinning out the ends to give a lighter, more feathered look that exudes a casual yet polished vibe. The stylist’s skill in texturizing is what makes each cut unique and personalized.

Styling Made Simple

Styling a mid-length cut with bangs can be as simple or as sophisticated as you desire. A quick tousle with some texturizing spray can give a laid-back beachy wave, while a round-brush blowout can offer sleek sophistication. The beauty of this cut lies in its adaptability to different styling moods and occasions.

The Joy of the Shoulder Length Cut

Regular Maintenance for Enduring Style

To keep your mid-length cut looking its best, regular maintenance is key. This doesn’t just mean the occasional trim to keep the ends crisp and the layers defined, but also attending to your bangs, which can quickly lose shape as they grow out. A visit to the salon every six to eight weeks should be sufficient to keep everything looking fresh.

At-Home Care for Lasting Health

A good at-home care routine will ensure that your hair remains healthy and the style holds its shape. This includes using salon-recommended shampoos and conditioners, as well as protective styling products to guard against heat and environmental damage. Occasional deep conditioning treatments can also help to nourish the hair and keep it resilient against styling stress.

Embracing Versatility

Finally, it’s about embracing the versatility that comes with a mid-length cut with bangs. This style offers numerous possibilities for expression and can be adapted to suit any personal taste or lifestyle. With the right approach to cutting, styling, and care, the reshaped mid-length cut with bangs can be a source of confidence and joy, reflecting the unique personality of the wearer.

In sum, the mid-length cut with bangs is a testament to timeless style, offering a perfect blend of elegance and edge. It’s a cut that invites creativity and demands attention, all while being delightfully low maintenance. Whether you’re stepping into the office or stepping out for a night on the town, this haircut is sure to turn heads and inspire admiration.

Top 80 Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women

Cutting your hair can be scary, but the idea that only certain women can pull off short hairstyles is a misconception. Just like women’s face shapes and skin tones, short haircuts are very diverse. If you’re considering cropping your hair shorter, you have plenty of options when it comes to short hairstyles.

Take a minute to think about short, edgy hairstyles you’ve seen. Who comes to mind? It’s probably less Shailene Woodley on the red carpet, and more Pink bringing down the house. Apply this to your own hairstyle. If you tend to stick to styles that lack texture, grab some styling wax and tousle those locks. Or if you tend to skip out on spiky styles, use gel to give your hair some lift.

ice blonde pixie cut

The best way to achieve a bold and edgy style is to break out of your normal routine. Never be afraid to try something dramatic and different. That may include randomly curled sections, chunky pieces, spiked up hair at the top or back of your head or creating contrast. Grab a few products and play around with your short hair. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to achieve an exciting and fresh look.

short bixie haircut 2024

Keep reading to discover a diverse range of some of the most stylish short haircuts that are currently topping the trend charts in the world of women’s hair and fashion. From in-between pixie bobs to long bobs–or lobs–this post features stylish short haircuts that are flattering for a wide variety of face shapes and skin tones.

1. The Sleek Pixie Bob

short hairstyles

This short gray-blonde pixie bob has an in-between length that’s a bit too long to be a pixie and a bit too short to be a bob–hence its title of a ‘pixie bob cut’.

Any shade of cool blonde is currently topping the trend charts in the world of women’s hair and fashion, so this gray-blonde pixie bob fits right in with the top trends with its cool blonde shade. This sleek pixie bob is perfect for women with naturally straight or wavy hair. It is easy to style in the morning, and its cool gray-blonde tone also offers the perfect low-maintenance solution for women who are looking for gray coverage with a natural-looking finish.

2. The Undercut Bob

short bob hairstyles

Here are the trendiest short haircuts – the ones you’ll see on models in mags and wish your hair looked like that!  And, of course, it can!  Just copy your favorite 3 or 4 short haircuts’ photos and phone your salon today.  And don’t miss the amazing hair color ideas for short haircuts, either!

3. Pixie cut with subtle highlights

Cute & perky pixie short haircuts with subtle highlights for girls with fine hair: Short haircuts for women with fine hair are always popular hairstyles for the flattering way they frame the face. And because they’re easy daily hairstyles that always look fashionable.  This snazzy pixie cut has added texture from delicate highlights on top and softly feathered lines around the face!

4. Wavy Chin-Length Bob with Blonde Balayage

layered short hairstyle
layered short hairstyle – Cara & Company Salon

Layers are essential for shorter cuts–especially for women with thicker hair types. Short hair that doesn’t have layers tends to look bulky and heavy and get poofy and frizzy very easily. With appropriate layers, however, short hair lays neatly without falling flat.

This wavy chin-length bob features plenty of subtle layers that help it fall neatly around your jawline. Its length frames your face and flatters your features while its multi-length layers keep bulk and heaviness out of this haircut.

5. High-fashion in apricot blonde & white balayage

Bouffant wedge cuts in a softer, A-line shape are very flattering to a range of face shapes.  And they’re easy to style, without spending hours sweating over your hot tongs!  The main feature is a sensational color design and this fantastic, apricot-blonde with white balayage is a lovely high-fashion look!

6. Romantic pastel purple on short haircuts

Rainbow or fantasy hair color trends are picking up more pace each year and purple is the most popular hairstyles’ hair color idea for this year!  This lavender-blonde angled bob with rich purple roots, is one of the short haircuts for girls that always makes a romantic impression!

7. Go boho with pastel green & purple uneven short haircuts for girls

What could be more adventurous than this highly sophisticated asymmetric bob cut!  Suitable for many different face shapes, this chin-length (and beyond) angled bob hairstyle has an exquisite hair color blend of sea-green, silver-blonde and purple balayage.

8. Super-stylish silver-gray and lavender

Bobs are the most popular hairstyles for summer and the latest hair color trends are simply stunning!  This simple bob haircut is transformed into a fab futurist look by the stylish silver-gray hair color idea that ends in pretty purple tips!

9. Casual blonde short haircuts for girls with fine hair & round face

Here’s one of the most popular hairstyles in short haircuts for girls with round faces.  I know this model has an angular face, but strong lines and side-swept bangs with sharply textured tips suit round faces better than narrow faces. And layered, two-tone short haircuts add texture and color depth to fine hair.

10. Jaunty ash-blonde short haircuts with side bangs

If you’re a trend-setter take a look at this very fashionable ash-blonde, gray hairstyles’ idea!  This short haircut for girls suits round, oval and heart faces as side-swept bangs cover a wide forehead and flat sides minimize a wide face. And it’s a cool, modern look!

11. Piece-y Blonde Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

short haircut

This classic pixie cut features an all-over shade of bright blonde, which gives it a luminous finish that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Piece-y layers give this pixie cut plenty of volume and dimension and keep it from falling flat. Cropped, side-swept bangs in front balances out this pixie cut and gives you more freedom when it comes to styling your hair in the morning.

12. Long to short makeover haircuts for girls with thick dark hair

Long to short haircuts for girls can be a revelation showing how much prettier you look with more focus on the face! This cute short haircut has a lovely rounded shape at the back and side-swept bangs flowing into lightly waved pin-curls at the side.  Suits oval, round and heart faces.

13. Must-see dark-blue & aqua angled bob

Which will be the most popular hairstyles this summer?  Think short haircuts, angled bobs and blue-green hair color ideas combined with charcoal-grey roots! This magnificent, angled bob also has a touch of asymmetry with one side cut in a short point before the ear!

14. Saucy red short haircut with side bangs

This model’s smart outfit, combined with her ear and nose rings, shows her strong sense of style!  She’s chosen a fabulous, forward-styled, short haircut for girls, which is one of the most popular hairstyles in this year.  And racy red hair looks fabulous against an elegant black suit!

15. Stunning blonde to copper makeover on messy short haircuts for girls with confidence

Change the way people see you with a fabulous hair color switch from cool blonde to in-your-face red!  There’s a lot more personality in the bright copper short haircut, for girls who like to get noticed.  The style is messy with tousled strands creating lots of extra texture and volume on fine hair.

16. Adorable feminine short pixie cut

The bob ‘before’ picture is a good look, but the ‘after’ short haircut (for girls with an oval face) is even better!  This short pixie crop shows-off a perfectly oval face and focuses attention on the complexion, eyes and lips.  With lots of layers to create lovely texture, this is another great short haircut for girls with fine hair.

17. Striking neutral-blonde short haircut

Skin art is becoming more popular all the time and the latest short haircuts for girls are designed to show off colorful neck tattoos.  This angled bob hairstyle for thick hair has long sliced layers, an edgy clipped nape and steeply angled sides, making it one of the most popular hairstyles.

18. Braided Bob

Here’s one of those fabulous short haircuts for girls and women that’s a unique creation by a talented stylist!  It’s totally asymmetrical and features a very loose braid adding height on top, a clipped undercut on one side and a steep angled section on the other.

19. Trendy & well-groomed short haircut

Trendy short haircuts for girls who prefer a well-groomed image for work can use contrasting color to create attractive texture.  Dark-blonde is ‘lifted’ with two shades of blonde and the lightly asymmetrical cut features long bangs blended neatly in to one side.

20. Chic mid-blonde highlighted angled bob short haircuts

No wonder angled bob haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles!  It’s a great way to get control of thick, straight hair and the well-defined shape is also an easy hairstyle for daily wear. This mid-blonde haircut has long sliced layers and bangs, with razored tips to remove bulk.

21. Ragged rock-chic short haircut on dark hair with copper and blonde tips

With one side undercut from a side parting, this short haircut adds flattering height on top with the swept-over asymmetrical style.  The tips are heavily textured and tinted with a mix of copper and soft pink-blonde highlights. Suits oval, round and heart faces.

22. Fabulously chic 4-shade blonde dip-dye on angled bob haircut

The original dip-dye technique fell by the wayside as the more sophisticated ombré took over, but this beautifully executed taupe, fawn, beige and neutral blonde dip-dye is a lovely hair color idea! The angled bob is best achieved on thick hair cut in sliced layers that create vertical texture above the sharply layered tips.

23. Unique short haircuts with blend of five shades on brunette hair

Short haircuts for girls are always at the cutting edge of the latest hair color trends, like the hot new hair-color ideas above.  From a side parting, the hair is styled to create side-swept bangs with expertly-blended shades of pinky-blonde, copper and chestnut brown to plum-red at the crown!

24. gradual neutral-blonde ombré lob

The last two ‘short’ haircuts are here as inspiration for girls who’re ready to cut their very long hair and go for something shorter and trendier.  This long bob has a center-parting with long ‘wings’ framing the face, loose waves and a gradual blonde ombré.

25. Easy-care cute pixie with deep bangs

short hairstyle for women over 50
short hairstyle for women over 50 Credit

Here’s another good style for medium and fine hair, that takes no time at all to wash and style! It has a short-back-and-sides with small side points at eye level, a little height at the crown and forward-styled bangs.  Deep bangs give a thicker fringe on fine hair and with a side swept curve, soften and ‘ shorten’ a long face shape.

26. Long to shorter haircuts’ ideas for a complete style makeover

Again, this isn’t actually a ‘short haircut’ – unless you’ve just had 6 inches lopped off.  This trendy angled bob with a side parting and long bangs suits round, square and heart faces.  With heavily textured tips and a blonde ombré, it’s a highly stylish haircut that will impress far more than a long, untidy look!

27. The classic straight bob

short hairstyles 2022

Minimalist yet impactful, the straight bob is often seen gracing the red carpets under the likes of Anna Wintour. Cut to lie just above the shoulders, this style transcends trends. “It’s the epitome of timeless beauty,” notes celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton.

28. Breezy Bob

Breezy Bob

Imagine capturing the wind in your hair, but make it fashion—that’s the Breezy Bob for you. This style features waves that kick in just at the hair’s ends, adding a dash of playful flair to the otherwise long and black strands. It’s the kind of relaxed look you’d expect on a weekend getaway, immortalized in a hairstyle.

29. Texturized Bob

Texturized Bob

Welcome to the canvas of colors that is the Texturized Bob. Starting with a darker shade at the roots, the hues gracefully morph into copper and finally end in a burst of orange. “The different layers of color add a sense of dimension and life to the bob,” says renowned stylist Julien Farel.

30. Curly Shag

Meg Ryan short blonde curly shag

Turning the page to a new chapter in life doesn’t mean dialing down the style. Take, for example, this curly shag that’s been the choice of elegant women like Jane Fonda. Golden curls bring a timeless quality to this layered masterpiece, embodying the freedom and beauty of mature years.

31. Textured Pixie

Texturized pixie cut

Breaking away from traditional femininity, the Textured Pixie is a declaration of independence. Worn elegantly by stars like Zoe Kravitz, this black, short, textured cut is a playground for personal expression. “It adds an adventurous edge to your entire look,” advises hairstylist Louise O’Connor.

32. Blunt Bob

In a world that’s constantly on the move, sometimes a straightforward statement speaks the loudest. The Blunt Bob, adorned with a tasteful balayage, does just that. The straight cut is symmetrical, framing the face in a way that draws eyes directly to your features. “The balayage brings this classic style to life with a youthful zest,” remarks trendsetting hairstylist Rachel Williams. Ideal for anyone seeking a cute yet impactful look, the Blunt Bob never fails to impress.

33. Slick Back

Slicked Back Hair for women

Confidence often springs from a daring hairstyle, and the Slick Back offers a truckload. This style takes short hair and elevates it into an art form of androgynous appeal. Actresses like Ruby Rose have been spotted rocking this boyish look, which completely annihilates the line between feminine and masculine norms. “This is more than a cut, it’s a statement of freedom,” proclaims barber Mike Shinoda.

34. Wet Textured Bob

If mermaids had a go-to style, it would likely be the Wet Textured Bob. This hairstyle exudes a sort of mysterious allure, with its wavy to curly spectrum of dark locks. Hairstylist Christine Thompson explains, “The ‘wet look’ is a nod to the glamour of the red carpet, but it also embodies a carefree spirit suitable for a beach party.” It’s where sultriness meets casual—a crossroads of versatility.

35. Natural Curly Bob

Natural Curly Bob

Embrace the natural twists and turns of life with the Natural Curly Bob. This style is a homage to 2C type curls—those defined curls that skirt the line between loose spirals and corkscrew curls. “It’s not just a style, it’s a celebration of natural texture,” says curl specialist Monica Davis. Perfect for those who have long sworn by curl diffusers and hair gels, this bob is all about authenticity.

36. Longer Pixie

pixie cut for women over 50

Aging with grace doesn’t mean you leave behind the spirit of adventure. The Longer Pixie—often seen in shades of dignified gray—adds a touch of whimsy with streaks of red at the tips. This style, gracefully worn by Dame Judi Dench, communicates that sophistication knows no age limit. “The red tips are an exclamation point to an already striking look,” adds stylist Giovanni Bianco.

37. Wavy Lob

9 Lovely Lob Haircuts with Balayage
Wavy Lob /dean anthony salon

Gloss, glamour, and a touch of the sun—it’s all encapsulated in the Wavy Lob. With strands that cascade just to the shoulder, this style champions both elegance and ease. The balayage is an interplay between honey-yellow and warm brown, creating a palette that complements any complexion. Renowned hairstylist Frederic Fekkai notes, “The gleam you get from this lob isn’t just from the hues; it’s also from the overall health of the hair.”

38. Soft Banged Blonde Bob

If there were an Academy Award for hairstyles, the Soft Banged Blonde Bob might just take home the gold. With bangs that frame the face softly, this style is a nod to timeless femininity. Celebrities like Michelle Williams have been known to sport this look, capturing both hearts and camera flashes. “The blonde tone adds a layer of playfulness to an otherwise mature and sophisticated style,” says hairstylist Jenny Cho.

39. Pink Balayage Lob

Pink Balayage Lob

Somewhere between punk rock and fairy tale lies the Pink Balayage Lob. It’s a bob that’s elongated into a ‘lob,’ and then drenched in playful pink hues. “When you go pink, you’re making a commitment to joy,” says color specialist Kristin Ess. This look is a conversation starter, a head-turner, and most importantly, a reflection of a buoyant personality.

40. The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut

Far removed from its early ’90s reputation as a regrettable childhood haircut, the modern Bowl Cut is a show of strength and simplicity. This boyish style, with its short, straight cut, has made a high-fashion comeback. Tilda Swinton wears it with an edge only she can bring. “This cut transcends gender lines and societal norms,” declares stylist Yusef Williams.

41. The Braids

braided bob 1

Heritage and artistry intertwine in The Braids. In this style, every strand of a black bob is meticulously braided, each braid a tribute to centuries of culture and resilience. “It’s a style rooted deeply in African heritage,” comments natural hair expert Felicia Leatherwood. Best suited for black women, this hairstyle is not just a fashion statement but also an emblem of pride and history.

42. Balayage Beachy Waves

Imagine walking along a sunlit beach, the sea breeze lightly tousling your hair—that’s the Balayage Beachy Waves for you. This bob cut features blonde balayage that mimics the natural highlights one gets from frolicking in the sun. “This style is all about emulating that vacation glow year-round,” says colorist Rita Hazan. It brings a slice of the beach to everyday life.

43. Bright Messy Bob with Fringe

At first glance, the Bright Messy Bob with Fringe is an oxymoron: how can something messy also be so precise? The golden hair with dark undertones is deliberately disheveled, while the fringe is cut blunt, adding geometric balance to the chaos. Actress Zendaya has flirted with similar styles, showcasing their versatility. Hairstylist Chris Appleton remarks, “The contrast between the messy bob and the blunt fringe makes this style unpredictably captivating.”

44. Piece-y Pixie

sexy messy pixie cut

When it comes to hairstyles that make a strong statement, few can rival the Piece-y Pixie. This edgy cut is a nod to your rebellious spirit. The color is a shimmering silver, an unmistakable indicator of a personality that refuses to be boxed in. Interestingly, iconic actress Judi Dench has been known to sport short, spunky styles that bear a family resemblance to this audacious pixie cut.

45. Tousled Bob with Deep Side Part

Tousled Bob with Deep Side Part

This style is ideal for women in their 30s who wish to exude both sophistication and a bit of edge. The deep side part adds dramatic volume, turning what might have been an ordinary bob into something special. “A deep side part can transform the whole persona,” says renowned stylist Sarah Potempa. It adds volume, texture, and an air of drama that transforms a casual outfit into a red-carpet look.

46. Balayage Lob

9 Lovely Lob Haircuts with Balayage

If you ever wanted to see what it looks like when color and texture are in perfect harmony, look no further than the Balayage Lob. Dark brown hues blend effortlessly into lighter shades, flowing down in a cascade of soft waves. This hairstyle encapsulates artistic vision so eloquently that it’s no wonder it’s a favorite among fashion-forward influencers and stylists. It’s the epitome of modern elegance, and with good reason—it’s an artwork in its own right.

47. Voluminous Curls

medium curly hairstyle 8

Let’s talk about a hairstyle that’s essentially a conversation starter: Voluminous Curls. Often sported by the iconic Oprah Winfrey, this style marries intense volume with subtle highlights to create an aura of lavishness. Whether you’re at a business conference or a friend’s wedding, you are the main event. These curls don’t whisper; they scream luxury and confidence, making you feel like you’re always in the spotlight.

48. Messy Curls

best short haircuts for women 10

In the fashion world, messy often translates to chic, and in no hairstyle is this more evident than the Messy Curls. Ideal for black women, this style morphs the curly pixie into a work of art. It’s a glorious testament to texture and volume, and it offers a carefree approach to beauty that everyone can admire. Like the award-winning singer Solange, who’s known for her artistic afro-textured hair, you too can make a bold statement with this look.

49. Two Tones Undercut Pixie

Two Tone Pixie

Ever seen a hairstyle that’s essentially a suspense thriller? Meet the Undercut Pixie. The top part of the hair is a serene gray, but the moment you see the darker undercut, you’re in for a twist. This style is more than just a haircut; it’s a narrative of contrast and balance, a story told through hair.

50. Messy Pixie

short cut for women over 50

Opting for a Messy Pixie is like choosing comfort without sacrificing style, especially for women over 50. The gray tones lend a sophisticated touch, while the overall ease of maintenance makes it a practical choice for daily wear. “A messy pixie allows for a lot of versatility,” notes celebrity stylist Kim Kimble. “It’s ageless and can adapt to any lifestyle.”

51. The French Bobs

The French Bob

Ah, the French Bob—a hairstyle that’s as charming and versatile as Juliette Binoche, who could easily rock this look. It encapsulates what it means to be effortlessly chic. Best suited for women over 40, this bob features an adorable combination of bangs and curls, making you feel as though you’re walking through the cobblestone streets of Paris, even if you’re just going to the grocery store.

52. Modern Bob

short modern bob haircut
bob cut, before and after

Need a change and want to cut your long bob shorter this season? Try this textured short modern bob!

Change / Modern short hair
Haircut by @hirohair

53. The Bixie Cut

best bixie haircut 2024 1

The short Bixie cut has been really hot in the last 2 years. If you want to cut your hair shorter recently, why not try this cut?

short hairstyle
soft wavy style for short hair
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
short bob hairstyle
 Daily Short Hair Ideas
Daily Short bob Hair Ideas
Chic Everyday Short Haircuts
Daily Short bob Hair Ideas
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
 short haircut
 Daily Short Hair styles
 Everyday Short Haircuts
 Short Hair Ideas
 Daily Short Hair Ideas
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
short hairstyles 2022
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
short pixie cut with bangs
best short haircuts for women over 40
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas
short red wavy hair style
cute Asian bob hairstyle with bangs
20 Chic Everyday Short Haircuts for Women - Daily Short Hair Ideas

Is Short Hair Still Fashionable in This Year?

Hairstyles come and go. However, some styles are truly timeless and quite beautifully so. A short hairstyle is one of those styles that are quintessentially timeless and will never go out of fashion. While previously women experimented with this style for a bolder and edgier look, nowadays, you can even get a short hairstyle for a soft appeal.

With so many short hairstyles out there, you will certainly find a perfect fit and because this style will never go out of fashion, you can try it at any point in your life. Short hairstyles work beautifully well on women across every age. What’s more, you can also style your hair the way you want immediately after getting a short hairstyle.

Either way, this is an elegant and classy style that can also be doubled up for a casual look. And given these many perks it comes with, short haircuts will never be unfashionable.best short hairstyles for women

How do I Know if I Suit Short Hair?

At times women don’t get short hair falsely assuming that it wouldn’t compliment their face. But short hair complements almost all types of face. That is why it is only likely that at least one of the featured hairstyles would suit you.

One of the easiest ways to figure out whether the style works is by checking your face shape. You’re lucky if you have an oval face shape because it is ideal for short hairstyles. The same goes for longer faces.

People with fat or round faces are often dissuaded from trying this hairstyle. However, do not go by the rules and experiment with short hairstyles even when your face is round or heart-shaped. You can always experiment with layers or pixies as they tend to work with all facial cuts and structures.

Again, you if have a square or rectangular-shaped face, you might have been told that short hairstyles won’t flatter your face. This is further from the truth because you can always work on flaws by styling your hair correctly.

What is the easiest short haircut to maintain?

The easiest short haircut to maintain can depend on individual hair type, texture, and personal preferences. Generally, a short haircut with a simple, classic style like a bob, pixie cut, or a layered cut can be easy to maintain. A bob can be easily styled with a blow dryer and a round brush, while a pixie cut may require minimal styling with a small amount of hair product. A layered cut can be styled with some texturizing spray for a tousled look or straightened for a sleeker style. However, it’s important to discuss your hair type and styling preferences with a hairstylist to find the best short haircut that works for you.

What is the popular short haircut for an older woman?

The most popular short haircut for an older woman is the classic bob.
It’s a versatile and timeless hairstyle that can be customized to suit different face shapes and hair textures.
Another popular short haircut for older women is the pixie cut, which is a low-maintenance and edgy hairstyle that can be styled in different ways.
Layered cuts and angled bobs are also popular options for those looking for a shorter hairstyle. Ultimately, the best short haircut for an older woman will depend on their personal preferences, hair type, and face shape.

So have you decided on your next makeover short haircut/s?  Check with you colorist to get the hair color ideas that best suit your skin-tones. If only hair would grow quicker, so we could have a completely new look every few weeks or so! LOL! Do you love these styles? And you can find more latest hairstyles on hairstyles weekly!

60 Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women in 2024

Who says short hair can’t make a big statement? It’s not just about chopping off those locks; it’s about embracing a new world of fashion, style, and self-expression. Short hairstyles for women have surged from being just a trend to a symbol of freedom and individuality.

short haircuts 2024

Are you enamored with the timeless grace of bobs but eager to add your flair? Or perhaps you’re drawn to the audacity of a buzz cut, or the unassuming elegance of a shoulder-length bob? The beauty of short hairstyles lies in their versatility, adaptability, and the endless ways they allow you to express yourself.

Let’s delve into this vibrant universe where hair doesn’t just frame your face; it speaks volumes about who you are. From the chic sophistication of the A-line bob to the playful allure of shingle bobs, the landscape of short hair is rich, diverse, and just waiting for you to explore.

best short hairstyles 2024

There’s a world of short hairstyles out there, each with its unique charm and personality, waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re all about those sharp, angular cuts or the soft, flowing lines of an inverted bob, there’s a style that’s calling your name. Join us as we unravel the many dimensions of short hair, celebrating not just fashion, but identity, creativity, and the beautiful complexity that makes you, well, YOU! So, why wait? Your next hairstyle adventure begins here, and trust us, it’s going to be fabulous!

A gallery of short haircuts 2024 (female):

1. Cub Cut

Cub Cut

This short hairstyle is the epitome of crisp, clean lines. This shorter version of a pixie cut exudes a minimalist yet powerful vibe. It’s like a well-crafted modern sculpture, creating a beautiful balance between boldness and sophistication. With a Cub Cut, less is indeed more, and the regular maintenance it demands ensures you always look sharp and well-groomed.

2. Easygoing Bob Cut

short hairstyles 2024: Easygoing Bob

The Easygoing Bob Cut is the ultimate choice for those who value a laid-back, effortless look. This hairstyle whispers rather than shouts, offering a softer, more relaxed take on the traditional bob cut. Its gently tousled waves bring an appealing casualness, as if you’ve just stepped off a beach. With the Easygoing Bob, every day can feel like a holiday.

3. Copper Biexie Cut

short copper bixie cut

Radiating warmth and vivacity, the Copper Bixie Cut is a style that merges two iconic hairstyles: the bob and the pixie. This amalgamation results in a look that’s chic and edgy, with the added attraction of the striking copper hue. The Copper Bixie Cut is for those who aren’t afraid to be bold, to be different, and to let their hair reflect their spirited personality.

4. Edgy Bob Cut

short hairstyles 2024: Edgy Bob

The Edgy Bob is a hairstyle that challenges conventions and defies expectations. It takes the familiar bob style and infuses it with an audacious, adventurous spirit. The choppy layers, the unexpected asymmetry, the defiantly tousled texture – all these elements contribute to a hairstyle that exudes confidence and dares to break the rules. The Edgy Bob is for the fearless, the trendsetters, the ones who make their own path.

5. Curly Bob

short hairstyle 2024: curly bob

Bouncing with life and personality, the curly bob is the perfect way to frame and showcase your naturally curly or wavy hair. Regardless of face shape, this hairstyle adds a spirited and fun touch to your overall appearance. To maintain those frizz-free, bouncy curls, using a curl-defining cream or gel is the way to go.

6. Feminine Short Haircut: Polished Style

short hair styles 2024: Polished Style

As quoted by Riawna Capri, co-owner of Nine Zero One in LA, the polished bob marks the return of sleek, structured cuts. This immaculate hairstyle features blunt, thick lines that swap out the messy textures of yesteryears. Ideal for women with a strong sense of style and a taste for precision. Styling tip: a smoothing serum or a glossing spray will be your go-to for maintaining this polished look.

7. Center-Parting Flapper Bob

short haircuts 2024: Flapper Bob

Resurrecting the audacious spirit of the 1920s, the flapper bob is a bold, super-cropped style that reaches no further than earlobe length. Think Zazie Beetz’s iconic wet-slicked texture to give it an added dash of coolness. To achieve that desirable slicked-back effect, don’t forget to arm yourself with a strong hold gel or mousse.

8. Buzz Cut for Women

short cut 2024: Kristen Stewart Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut for Women is a potent statement of fearless individuality. This ultra-short, uniformly trimmed style is the epitome of sleek, no-nonsense chic. It emanates a sense of boldness, confidence, and liberated beauty. With its bare-minimum length, the Buzz Cut for Women is as much about freeing yourself from traditional femininity as it is about easy maintenance and ultimate convenience.

9. Angled Bob Cut

short hairstyles 2024: angled bob

An Angled Bob Cut is a creative spin on the classic bob. Its distinguishing feature is the angular precision – hair is subtly shorter at the back, gradually getting longer towards the front. This unique structure adds a modern edge and a sculpted silhouette to your look. The Angled Bob is all about geometric drama, perfect for those who love a stylish haircut with a hint of intrigue.

10. Close Crop

best short hairstyles 2024: Close Crop

The Close Crop Haircut is all about embracing minimalism while exuding maximum style. The hair is trimmed short, hugging the contours of your head, highlighting the shape of your face. It’s a cut that’s both bold and chic, perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance. The Close Crop Haircut speaks volumes about the wearer’s confidence and comfort in their skin.

11. The Fun and Flippy Cut

short hairstyles 2024: Fun and Flippy Cut

The Fun and Flippy Cut brings a playful energy to your hairstyle. It’s all about movement and bounce, with the ends of the hair playfully flipping out. This cut adds a cheerful, youthful vibe to your look, making every head turn your way. The Fun and Flippy Cut is ideal for those seeking a blend of charm and vivacity in their hairstyle.

12. Short Hair with Curtain Bangs

short haircut with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are the epitome of a vintage comeback with a modern twist. These long, sweeping bangs are parted in the middle, framing your face like a pair of soft, wispy curtains. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication, enhancing your facial features. Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back boho vibe or a refined, elegant look, Curtain Bangs can beautifully complement any style.

13. Peakaboo Hair

peakaboo hair

Peekaboo hair is the epitome of mystery and fun wrapped into one. With its blonde exterior and hidden layers of vibrant red, purple, blue, or dark shades inside, it’s a style that turns heads. It’s the style choice of celebrities like Nicki Minaj, who isn’t afraid to play with trendy color and personality in her hair.

14. Copper Balayage

copper balayage

The copper balayage angled bob cut breathes new life into a classic cut with a blend of warm copper tones. This technique highlights the hair’s movement and texture, making it a favorite among celebrities like Jessica Chastain, known for her iconic copper locks. It’s a choice for those who want to make a subtle yet impactful statement.

15. Center Parting Straight Bob

Center Parting Straight Bob

The Center Parting Straight Bob is a timeless, elegant style that brings a sense of balance and symmetry to your look. It’s been seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, who shows how versatile and flattering it can be on different face shapes. It’s a cut that’s straightforward yet impactful, with the center parting adding a touch of poised perfection.

16. Chic Classic Pixie Cut

chic pixie cut

The Chic Classic Pixie Cut is all about understated elegance and playful sophistication. With its short layers and easy maintenance, this cut offers both convenience and style. The iconic actress Audrey Hepburn popularized this cut, and it still carries an element of classic Hollywood glamour.

17. Under Cut Pixie

Under Cut Pixie

An Under Cut Pixie is for those who aren’t afraid to embrace their edgy side. The contrasting lengths, short underneath and longer on top, add a daring and stylish twist to the classic pixie. Scarlett Johansson has been spotted rocking this audacious style, illustrating how it can be a showstopper on the red carpet.

18. Diana Bob

Modern Diana Bob

The Diana Bob, a tribute to the timeless style of Princess Diana, exudes class, elegance, and a hint of royal flair. With its soft layers and bouncy volume, it works wonders for medium to thick hair textures and suits round to oval face shapes the best. This chic haircut can be paired with sophisticated attire for a regal aura, or a casual ensemble for a more relaxed, everyday look. Styling tip: use a round brush and a blow-dryer to create that signature voluminous finish.

19. The Strong Bob

Strong Bob

Also known as a blunt bob, the Strong Bob is a bold statement of confidence and power. Ideal for straight to wavy hair textures, this hairstyle gives off a clean, sleek, and modern vibe that’s fitting for women with a strong personality. It suits square and heart face shapes the most, emphasizing their strong jawlines and cheekbones. Styling tip: keep the edges sharp with regular trims and maintain the shine with a smoothing serum.

20. The Modern Bob

Modern Bob

The Modern Bob, with its asymmetric lengths and disheveled layers, is the embodiment of contemporary style and easy-going charm. It works well with most hair types and face shapes, making it a versatile choice. Perfect for women who are always on-the-go but still want to maintain a stylish edge. Styling tip: work with texturizing spray or mousse to keep that tousled look intact throughout the day.

21. Boho Bob

boho bob

The Boho Bob combines the effortless charm of bohemian style with the classic shape of a bob. Bright blonde highlights and long, shaggy curtain bangs give this hairstyle a fresh and trendy twist. This style is a perfect fit for adventurous women with a free-spirited sense of fashion. Styling tip: a light-hold texturizing spray will keep those shaggy bangs in place while maintaining the carefree boho vibe.

22. Short Bob Cut with Bangs

short bob hairstyle with bangs

Combining a sense of chic contemporary style with an element of mystery, the short bob cut with bangs creates a captivating presence. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for straight to wavy hair textures and suits those with oval and heart-shaped faces best. Remember, regular trims will help maintain the length and shape of those captivating bangs.

23. Straight Chin-Length Bob

straight chin length bob

A Straight Chin-Length Bob is minimalist yet impactful. The simple lines and perfect length bring focus to your facial features. This hairstyle suits those with finer hair textures and long, oval, or heart-shaped faces. It’s an excellent choice for women who value simplicity and sophistication in their style. Styling tip: a flat iron will be your best friend to maintain the smoothness and straightness of this bob.

24. Messy Bob

messy bob

The messy bob, a laid-back and trendy hairstyle, perfectly embodies the “woke up like this” look. Its relaxed vibe suits those with a carefree spirit and adventurous heart. This hairstyle can work well with wavy and curly hair textures, and it complements round and square face shapes best. Styling tip: don’t overdo it with the hair products – a dab of texturizing cream or sea salt spray is all you need to enhance the messy appeal.

25. Sexy Curls

short sexy curly hairstyle

Channeling vivacity and allure, the short sexy curly hairstyle is all about embracing the wild and untamed nature of curls. It radiates confidence and charm, making it a suitable choice for bold women who love to flaunt their natural texture. For those with an oval or heart-shaped face, this hairstyle becomes an even more magnetic choice. A curl-enhancing serum can help maintain the bounce and reduce frizz.

26. Balayage with Waves

balayage bob with waves

Offering a beautiful juxtaposition of color and texture, the balayage bob comes alive with gentle waves and side-swept bangs. A touch of sun-kissed highlights complements the depth of the waves, giving it a beachy, effortless vibe. Best suited for those with a square or oval face, it can be maintained with a light texturizing spray and the occasional touch-up to keep those highlights vibrant.

27. Rounded Bob Hairstyle

rounded bob

The rounded bob is certainly having a moment—Kim, Khloé, and Kylie have all been spotted in the style. “A rounded bob is fantastic because it flatters nearly every face shape,” says Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist, who loves this cut for its retro look. The best length, he says, depends on which features you want to highlight. To maintain the sleekness of this cut, a smoothing serum is essential, and remember to flat iron for the best results.

28. Cute Short Cut with Bangs

cute short haircut

The cute French bob, encapsulating a timeless Parisian charm, exudes both simplicity and sophistication. It’s short, chic, and effortlessly stylish, making it perfect for the woman on the go. This hairstyle flatters most face shapes and is especially striking on those with prominent jawlines. To keep it looking fresh, use a shine spray and get regular trims to maintain its distinct shape.

29. French Bob

French Bob

The French bob is characterized by its sharp, chin-length cut and often accompanied by a straight fringe. It’s a bold statement of style and elegance, evoking images of vintage flapper girls mixed with modern sophistication. This hairstyle pairs well with round and square face shapes. Keep the edges sharp with regular salon visits, and a light mousse can help add some volume to the fringe.

30. Dinky Pixie

dinky pixie

Elevated by influencers like Dixie D’Amelio, the dinky pixie is setting the stage for a major hair trend. Dixie, known for her penchant to mix things up, took this style to the next level by opting for a platinum blonde shade. What sets the dinky pixie apart is its effortlessly mussy style, giving it a lived-in, almost rebellious edge. The playful nature of this hairstyle allows it to suit a wide array of face shapes, especially those with defined jawlines. Maintenance is minimal, but to achieve that perfect ‘mussy’ look, a touch of texturizing spray or pomade goes a long way.

31. Sculptural Black Curly Crops

sculptural curly crops

A testament to the timeless charm of curls, the sculptural curly crop, as showcased by the stunning Maria Borges, is a celebration of natural beauty and structure. This style not only accentuates the curls but also puts a spotlight on striking facial features like Maria’s pronounced cheekbones. While it’s a bold choice, the sculptural curly crop offers versatility in styling – from tightly coiled curls to a more relaxed wave. For those with curly hair, this hairstyle is a game-changer, requiring just a good curl cream and regular trims to maintain its shape.

32. Cute Short Messy Cut with Bangs

cute messy bob hair style for short hair

The French bob, a hairstyle that encapsulates chic simplicity, continues to be a favorite. While it’s been a top choice for several years, its popularity in 2023 remains unshaken. The beauty of the French bob lies in its breezy and flirty nature, which screams both sophistication and ease. Ideal for those days when you want to look effortlessly put together, this bob is the epitome of low-maintenance glamour. It suits various face shapes and hair textures, but to maintain its classic look, regular trims and a smoothing serum are key.

33. Cropped Mullet

cropped mullet

Cropped Mullet for Short Hair: Daring, distinctive, and undeniably edgy, the cropped mullet is for those who love to make a statement. While the traditional mullet was all about ‘business in the front, party at the back,’ the cropped version elevates this concept with its choppy, textured layers that add an element of fierceness, especially on shorter lengths. This hairstyle is a fusion of retro and modern aesthetics and is best suited for those unafraid to stand out. To rock the cropped mullet in all its glory, consider adding some highlights or an unconventional color, and always have a good hair wax or clay on hand to style and add texture.

34. Black Curly Pixie

Black Curly Pixie

Venture into the realms of both bold and delicate with a black curly pixie. The soft, choppy layers exude an air of nonchalant charm, making it simultaneously fierce and feminine. Stylist Rachel Renae Paz, renowned for her eclectic hair journey, showcases just how versatile this cut can be, elegantly transitioning between ultra-short and collarbone lengths.

Meanwhile, Rowan Blanchard brings a vintage pageboy twist to this modern cut, dusting off its classic appeal and introducing it to contemporary glamour. If you’re contemplating a change, consider this cut as a mirror to your personality – assertive yet subtle. To truly nail it, consult with your stylist, ensuring the chop complements your face shape and hair type.


Two Tone bob hair

Imagine the stark contrast of blonde on one side and the serene lavender on the other. This two-tone bob is nothing short of a work of art. It beautifully juxtaposes two distinct shades, creating an intriguing visual story that holds your attention. While it maintains the disciplined structure of a straight bob, its dual shades infuse it with a playful spirit. Perfect for those who have a penchant for unique hair adventures and enjoy making heads turn.

36. Vintage Pixie

Vintage Pixie

The vintage pixie is reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, a hairstyle that transports you back to the golden age of cinema. It’s a symphony of well-structured waves and artful tresses, with a touch of modern-day sass. The vintage pixie isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s an embodiment of timeless elegance, perfect for anyone looking to blend classic charm with contemporary audacity.

37. Braided Bob

braided bob 1

The braided bob beautifully marries the sophistication of a bob with the intricate art of braiding. This hairstyle, while maintaining the neatness and structure of a bob, adds a layer of complexity through its braids. Whether it’s a single side braid or multiple micro-braids intertwined within the bob, this hairstyle is perfect for those who love a touch of boho-chic in their ensemble.

38. EMO Bob

emo bob hairstyle

Dive deep into the world of emotions and self-expression with the EMO Bob. This hairstyle is characterized by its asymmetrical lengths, dark shades, and a certain rawness that sets it apart. Often paired with bold highlights or deep undercuts, the EMO Bob is a nod to the 2000s subculture, representing freedom, individuality, and a touch of rebellion. Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves – or in this case, their hair.

39. Short Spiky Cut

short spiky haircut

Embrace a punk-rock spirit with a touch of femininity in the short spiky cut. Its sharp, upward strands add an edge, while the blonde hue softens the look, ensuring it doesn’t come off as too harsh. It’s a cut that says confidence and exudes a cool, modern aura. Think Miley Cyrus in her more rebellious days, but with a softer, golden touch.

40. Ice Blonde Pixie Cut

ice blonde pixie cut

Radiating ethereal charm, the ice blonde pixie is an absolute showstopper. Especially suited for those with thin hair, this cut adds an illusion of volume. The pale, almost translucent shade of blonde complements the close-cut style, making it stand out. Celebrities like Michelle Williams have been seen donning this frosty hue, lending an air of delicate sophistication to their overall look.

41. One-Length Bob

One Length Bob

Margot Robbie’s iconic cut stands as a testament to the effortless elegance of the one-length bob. According to Brown, if you’re blessed with a certain hair texture, the cut does most of the styling heavy lifting. Falling just above the shoulders, its uniform length creates a silhouette that frames the face beautifully, letting your features do the talking.

42. Tousled Waves for Summer

tousled bob

Evoking an air of effortless chic, the tousled bob is for those who love that ‘just-woke-up-like-this’ allure. Waves that dance in different directions give this bob its distinct playful yet polished vibe. Its carefree structure is often enhanced when sported by celebs like Jennifer Lawrence. Especially on mornings when you’re pressed for time, a quick tousle, a spritz of sea salt spray, and you’re ready to face the day looking utterly stylish.

43. Two Tone Pixie

Two Tone Pixie

The two-tone pixie cut plays with contrasting shades to create a hairstyle that’s nothing short of mesmerizing. With its silver-blond canopy cascading into deep black ends, it’s a style that’s both edgy and elegant. The interplay of light and dark gives a depth to the hair, making it look lush and full. Zoe Kravitz has sported variations of this style, proving its chic factor time and again. Ideal for those who are bold, and love to make a statement with their hair.

44. Long Side Swept Curly Bangs

side swept curly bangs

The epitome of asymmetry and grace, this hairstyle embodies a balance between two distinct lengths. On one side, hair cascades down in luxurious curls, while the other side is cropped short and neat. The star feature? Those long swept curly bangs that cascade effortlessly, adding drama and dimension. It’s a look that evokes intrigue, making one wonder about the story behind the style. Celebs like Rosamund Pike have dabbled in similar avant-garde styles, making heads turn at red carpet events.

45. Platinum Pixie

short cut for women over 50

Short Pixie Cut for Women Over 50:

Sleek, silver-toned, and defiantly youthful – the platinum pixie is not just a haircut; it’s an attitude. Spiky yet sophisticated, it defies age stereotypes and has become a top pick for women over 50. Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis have proven that age is just a number, especially when sporting such a cutting-edge hairstyle. The silver sheen of the platinum only adds to its regal aura, making it a classic choice for the modern woman.

46. Thick Dramatic Style

thick dramatic bob

It’s voluminous, it’s bold, and it’s unapologetically dramatic. This bob isn’t just about the natural hair. By integrating hand-tied extensions, one achieves a bob that boasts an unparalleled thickness. The result? A silhouette that’s both regal and commanding. Celebrities like Selena Gomez have occasionally chosen fuller bobs, leveraging extensions for that extra oomph. Perfect for those wanting to make a statement, this bob speaks louder than words.

47. Outgrown Bob 

Outgrown Bob

Caught between commitment and a longing for change, the outgrown bob captures a beautiful indecision. It’s where precision meets relaxed, and the result is a hairstyle that offers the best of both worlds. With its length hovering in the liminal space between a bob and a lob, it exudes versatility. If you’re someone who craves variation – say, a low ponytail one day and free-falling waves the next – this is your go-to style. Zoe Kravitz has beautifully embraced this duality, creating a style statement that’s effortlessly chic.

48. Very Short Cut

very short cut for black women

There’s an undeniable power in a black woman rocking a super short black pixie. It’s a bold assertion of confidence and heritage. The silhouette, closely hugging the scalp, highlights the contours of the face, making every feature pop. Icons like Lupita Nyong’o have showcased the undeniable beauty of this style, proving it to be both timeless and contemporary. It’s a style statement that celebrates the beauty of black women in all their glory.

49. Saturday Mood: The Pixie Hair


Imagine the sunlit streets of a European city. A girl with a short blonde pixie confidently struts, sunglasses on, catching the eye of every passerby. This hairstyle embodies the spirit of a modern-day adventurer – edgy, cool, and unapologetically herself. It’s not just a hairstyle; it’s an attitude. Stars like Kristen Stewart have dabbled in similar looks, marrying audacity with style.

50. Natural Gray Pixie Cut

Natural Gray pixie cut

Gracefully embracing age has never looked so stylish. The natural gray short cut is a celebration of life’s experiences, worn with dignity and pride. Best suited for fine straight hair, this short hairstyle is an epitome of class, especially for women over 60. It requires minimal upkeep, and the natural silver sheen adds an aura of wisdom. Stars like Helen Mirren have flawlessly championed this look, showing us that age is but a number when you wear your experiences with pride.

51. Highlighted Curls

Highlighted Curls

Imagine the rich hues of coffee swirled with milk. A playful dance of deep browns and soft whites, this short curly pixie is the epitome of chic. Each curl, voluminous and springy, paints a picture of unabashed confidence. It’s a hairstyle for those unafraid to embrace their wild side while keeping it utterly stylish. The mixed tones not only add depth but also give a certain vibrancy to the look that’s hard to miss.

52. Asian Bob

cute Asian girl hairstyle

Drawing inspiration from the heart of Tokyo, the Asian bob epitomizes the balance between tradition and modernity. Often referred to as the ‘pear blossom’ hairstyle in Chinese, it showcases a Japanese girl’s delicate features. With raven-black hair cascading down, the side-swept bangs add a hint of mystery. This look is a nod to classic Asian beauty standards while being perfectly in sync with contemporary trends.

53. Cute Curtain Bangs

Cute bob with Curtain Bangs

The scene is set with a shoulder-length bob, but the show-stealer here is undoubtedly the curtain bangs. Falling gracefully on either side of the face, these bangs frame the eyes and cheeks, drawing attention to one’s features. It’s a hairstyle that combines a touch of vintage with the freshness of youth, perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of playfulness to their style.

54. Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

A cascade of rich brown hair flows down, the volume and texture hinting at its thickness. The long bob, or ‘lob’ as it’s affectionately known, is complemented beautifully with side-swept bangs. The combination creates a silhouette that’s both elegant and dynamic. Suited best for those with thick hair, this hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication without trying too hard.

55. Short Black Micro Curly Hairstyle

short black micro curly hairstyle undercut

Bold, audacious, and unapologetically unique. This short, micro-curly look is a statement in itself. The deep black curls, tight and coiled, are complemented by an edgy undercut adorned with two sleek lines. It’s a look that merges tradition with rebellion. Perfect for those who want their hairstyle to reflect their fierce spirit.

56. Bob Braids

short braid bob