21 Inspiring Medium Bob Hairstyles – Mob Haircuts for 2017

Looking for inspiring medium bob hairstyles? Mob haircuts a.k.a. medium length bobs are probably one of the most versatile and trendy cuts you can get right now.  New cutting techniques are concentrating on different textures on the tips and there’s a huge shift to exciting, new highlighting colours, too!

Edgy medium bob with bangs on black hair with textured green and purple tips

This medium bob hairstyle represents the cutting edge of hairstyle trends for 2016.  The bangs are cut deep between the crown and front hairline, with longer length at the sides of the forehead.  This is good for round, heart and square faces as it creates an oval frame for the upper face.  The waves can be styled onto the face to cover up a strong jawline and add width around a narrow chin.  The defined, twisty waves have fabulous green and purple tones and heavily textured tips add a contrasting spikiness at the ends! Find more bob hairstyles with bangs here.

trendy short soft wavy dark bob hairstyle

New uneven medium bob with cool blonde and sea-green tips

This inspiring medium bob hairstyle has borrowed some of its asymmetrical features from the 1980’s vintage.  The profile view shows a short side point that’s perfectly aligned to accentuate the cheekbone.  The side parting is combed over to the right side, which hangs just below chin-length.  The back is styled into a lovely, smooth curve with blue-green tones over cool blonde and dark roots, for a highly individual medium length hairstyle.

Ombre A-line bob cut

Extreme inverted bob hairstyle in blonde with brown roots

This is a vintage 60’s extreme inverted bob that just touches the collar- bone at the front, making it a good way to add length to a round face.  The cool blonde over brown roots colour design is very trendy and more face-flattering than harsh platinum-blonde with black roots.  With an off-centre parting and a long, diagonal fringe (bangs), this groovy, medium-bob hairstyle is super-hot right now!  Suits oval and round faces.

Hairstylesweekly Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair
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One-length medium bob hairstyle with fab deep pink ombré on brunette hair

Medium-thick hair looks great in this shoulder-length straight, one-length medium bob with blunt-cut ends.  It’s a very simple medium-length hairstyle for thick hair, too, and an easy bob to style and maintain.  But this simple bob haircut packs a huge style punch with a subtle deep-pink ombré from the temples to the tips.  Suits an oval or round face shape.

short straight ombre bob cut
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Medium bob style & colour makeover with blonde balayage

Here’s a reminder of the versatility of medium length hairstyles.  Thick hair worn in a straight medium bob is easy to style and keep tidy all day.  You can give this medium hairstyle a little extra sparkle for nights out or a special event, by adding some defined, twisty waves for glamour.  This bob started off as a blonde ombré, but in the ‘after’ pics became a more sophisticated brown and caramel balayage.

Summer and fall balayage bob cut

Thick wavy hair updated to smooth medium bob in cool blonde shade

The ‘before’ image shows honey-blonde hair with a thick texture, natural wave and heavily textured spiky tips.  But after a trendy update, the ‘after’ picture shows a sophisticated smooth medium length hairstyle on thick hair.  The ends have been inverse layered, to make them curve under naturally and the warm blonde shade has become a contemporary cool-blonde.  The delicate dual highlights create a lovely colour depth and texture in this classy, medium-bob hair style for thick hair!

Cooler Blonde bob haircut

‘Vertical’ extreme inverted bob on brown hair with honey highlights

This is another outrageously trendy variation of the medium and short bob hairstyles for thick hair 2016!  It’s a youthful, high-fashion look that takes advantage of the density of coarse hair to precision-cut a very steeply-angled inverted bob.  The overall shape has two beautiful V’s on either side and the front layers end at chin-length – making the style suitable for a round, oval or even a long face.  Normally. long hair is not a good idea for a long face, but as this style sweeps back from the face at chin-level, I’m sure it would work!  Just add honey-blonde balayage on warm-brown for a fabulous, show-stopping bob hairstyle for thick hair!

Trendy bob hair ideas for 2016

Messy one-length bob on fine hair with flicked-out tips and bangs

Medium length hairstyles for thick hair aren’t always suitable for fine hair, but this one is an exception.  The style has a straight-across fringe (bangs) at the front, making fine hair appear thicker and balancing a round or heart face.  The bob is layered just above the ends, creating extra texture and density and then tousled to create a casual, messy outline. If you have thin, but healthy hair, add some bleached highlights to create a thicker texture. This cut is always a popular hairstyle and makes an easy-care, contemporary bob for thick, medium or fine hair!

Side view of cute Japanese girls bob hairstyle

Extreme inverted bob with outrageous red and blonde balayage on black hair

This amazing and completely original medium length bob hairstyle for thick hair has big waves and scarlet balayage to complement a big personality!  This is a look for night-clubbing, parties and stage performances! The style takes an extreme inverted bob for thick hair and adds dual blonde and red highlights over black, for a fabulous fantasy look! It’s also the first inverted bob with flicked-up ends!  Suits an oval or heart face shape.

Side view of red wavy bob hairstyle

Classic Hollywood waves on medium bob hairstyle

The classic peek-a-boo Veronica Lake style is never far from the pages of fashion mags, because it’s such a sexy medium bob hairstyles option.  This version has an up-to-date twist in the blonde highlighting around the face, accentuating the lovely waves, with a casual tucked-behind-the-ear finish. The hair is cut to the same length all around the bottom edge with textured tips adding a spiky, modern vibe.  This is one of the elegant and glam medium length hairstyles for thick hair that’s also easy to style. With an off-centre or deep side parting, medium bob hairstyles with waves suit oval, heart and thin faces.

Lucy Hale ombre wavy bob haircut

Easy messy bob hairstyle with centre parting & blonde highlights

We love this carefree, messy bob with centre parting, for it’s casual attitude to life!  It’s a dream medium length hairstyle for thick hair because it’s a hot look that needs very little effort to look great every day!  With a length just below the chin, this style is carefully thinned and textured in the last couple of inches.  The result is a youthful, tousled finish and two ‘wings’ of hair emphasising the eyes beautifully!  Suits oval faces, and with an adjusted parting, round and heart shaped faces, too!


Chic medium bob with soft-blonde dual highlights & gentle wave

Here’s another of the new looks achieved on extremely asymmetrical inverted bobs.  Thick hair and medium-thick hair look fabulous in this chic, medium length hairstyles’ option for 2016.  The latest layered bob haircuts have choppy-cut tips, which makes a fabulous creative contrast with the gentle, romantic waves and soft-blonde highlights.  Notice how the highlights include gorgeous ash-brown and neutral blonde shades that are the big trend for hairstyles 2016!

Soft wavy bob cut for women

Sophisticated caramel highlights on casual bronde bob

Bronde is the new colour buzz-word for long, short and medium length hairstyles in 2016.  It refers to elegant and sexy colour effects achieved by combining blonde and brown hightlights in a special, new way.  This wavy layered bob hairstyle for thick hair is beautifully highlighted in a subtle colour technique that makes it hard to say whether it’s brown or blonde!  The classy, casual medium bob hairstyles with waves and spiky tips are the perfect way to show off beautiful bronde shades!

Ombre bob hair for thick hair


Purple neon medium hairstyles with side parting and waves

Hair color ideas for 2016: This shocking purple neon tint takes a romantic, blonde medium bob hairstyle and turns it into a show-stopping, futuristic look!  It’s a funky, medium hairstyle you can wear to a party or as a fun, holiday style on the beach in spring/summer 2016.  With an off-centre parting or a deeper side-parting, this softly waved hairstyle suits an oval, round, heart or square face shape.  Purple tones are highlighted with pink touches, so this colour will suit anyone with a cool skin tone.

pastel purple hairstyles - hair color ideas

Funky sea-green ombré on straight black medium bob hairstyles

African American medium ombre bob hairstyle.Straight or ‘straightened’ black hair is much easier to style if you get sliced layers to create a curved shape.  Long layers in medium length hairstyles for thick, coarse hair will curve under at the ends, too, if you have concave layers added at the tips.  This fab sea-green medium bob hairstyle has extra-long, side-swept bangs with an end wave that accentuates the model’s lovely brown eyes and cheekbones.  With a side-parting, this is one of the latest bob hairstyles that flatters oval, round and heart shaped faces, a great shoulder length hair for black women.

trendy medium ombre bob haircut for thick hair for black women

Soft blonde inverted bob with blunt tips and centre parting

Short hairstyles for 2016: This simple, blonde medium bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for oval face shapes in spring/summer 2016.  Oval faces don’t need balancing out because they’re already perfectly proportioned! This trendy, medium length hairstyles’ favourite is an inverted bob with long layers and blunt-cut ends. Just add a centre-parting to show-off the symmetry of your oval face perfectly!

Trendy choppy bob hairstyle for women

One-length blonde bob with off-centre parting

If your hair is naturally a pretty colour, why not opt for simple bob hairstyles that keep the focus on the attractive colour?   This is one of the popular hairstyles for medium texture hair, as it suits lots of different face shapes and is easy to style.  It’s also a very versatile bob haircut, to which you can add waves or curls for variety and create upstyles for a party or wedding hairdo. Ask for concave, blunt-cut tips to coax hair into a curved shape after washing!  Suits oval, round and heart-shaped faces.

simple easy blunt bob hairstyle for work

Cute centre-parting medium bob hairstyles on smooth black hair

Popular straight haircut for black women: And on thick, black hair the centre-parting and smoothly styled medium bob hairstyles are equally popular!  This version has some extra volume in the sides from the model’s thick hair, which is good for adding extra width to a thin face.  And you can cover a strong jawline with a centre-parted, medium bob like this, which adds length to the face. Centre partings also show off a nicely rounded forehead, and as you can see, focus on pretty facial features.  Classy medium bob hairstyles like this are always a good choice for creating a sophisticated image.  Suits oval and heart faces.

pretty long bob hairstyle for black women

Wavy medium bob and blonde highlights for fine hair

If your hair is fine or medium, you can add lots of body with bleached highlights.  Lightening adds width to individual hair shafts and can also help to dry-up oily hair, making it a popular hairstyles’ choice for a variety of reasons.  Fashion-wise, ‘dirty-blonde’ hair looks more attractive with extensive colour highlights, like this blonde balayage. A trendy, neutral blonde shade starts high up on the hair, moving down to an ombré in the lower lengths.  Tousled, textured tips add another layer of interest to the latest medium bob hairstyles.  The result transforms lacklustre mousey hair into a pretty, blonde bob with darker roots! This bob hairstyle is perfect for thick hair.

back view of medium messy bob hairstyle with highlights

Messy bob with choppy layers dual highlights and blunt tips

Choppy bob hairstyles for women: Don’t like the pixie cuts? Try the bobs! Broken waves and a choppy finish on medium bob hairstyles create edgy, cute haircuts for thick hair. This inverted bob brushed the shoulders at the front which, in addition to a centre parting and bare forehead, adds length to a wide face.  The colour scheme of blonde and copper streaks from root to tip emphasises the messy texture and the slight wave bending the defined strands at chin-level.  This chic medium bob hairstyles option suits oval faces or with an adjusted side parting, round and heart face shapes, too!

Long A-line Bob Haircut with Waves

Profile view of smooth extreme inverted bob hairstyle

Extreme asymmetry in inverted medium bob hairstyles is definitely one of the stars amongst popular hairstyles for spring/summer 2016!  And to whet your appetite, here’s a completely original medium length hairstyle, which we’ve never seen before.  Unlike some of the other high-fashion bob hairstyles – with chic highlighting that can be expensive to maintain – medium length hairstyles based on extreme asymmetry are very economical!  This cute medium hairstyle has a longer back, with a blunt-cut line covering the nape of the neck and just needs trimming to keep the shape.  The long layers give this easy medium hairstyle lots of lovely, swishy movement!


Side view of Aline long bob hairstyle

I hope these inspiring medium bob hairstyles will fill you with new ideas for colour and cutting your hair to create a fab new image for spring/summer 2016!  Pick the styles you like most and take them along to your stylist for her advice on how best to adapt them to really flatter your face and skin-tone!

Don’t like these bob cuts? Check out these hottest bobs of the year! And find more latest new hair trends on hairstylesweekly.com!

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